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Joe's New Balance Outlet Reviews

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Joe’s New Balance Outlet’s mission is to be the number one source for New Balance clearance merchandise. They achieve this through their staff of experts and extensive inventory of New Balance footwear (in all sizes & widths), apparel and accessories.

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Real Customer Reviews

Kathy J. posted on 4/8/2014

"I have ordered running shoes from Joe's New Balance Outlet many times over the last decade. This store carries a wide selection of last-year's lines of New Balance shoes at much-discounted prices. I have always received the correct product on time."

Terry K. posted on 8/1/2014

"I never write reviews of online stores, but I am so impressed with Joe's that I have to do this. The price on my boots was absolutely fantastic, almost 90% off retail, and I still can't believe how fast they shipped. I will certainly be a repeat customer."

Levi W. posted on 9/13/2014

"The prices were good, and there was a decent selection of shoes. However, I ordered online, and had decided on a different style before the shoes had shipped. Joe's New Balance Outlet then shipped them to me anyway, and I had to pay return shipping, out of pocket, to send the shoes back. So I basically had to pay $9 to NOT buy shoes from these people. I'm pretty sure they sent me wrong size and the shipping was extremely slow as well."

Chuong. posted on 5/27/2015

"Well, I don't know but I ordered 2 times from this store, and both times the shoes were delivered to my house in California in about 7 days. I was able to get the shipping code for $1 dollar shipping also, no problem here, I guess I got lucky!!!! I think maybe they are trying to improve their image, I hope, good luck to you all."

Art M. posted on 7/23/2015

"I have been buying shoes from Joe's whenever they have my size and model in stock. When New Balance comes out with new model numbers (usually same shoe) the remainder of the old model goes to Joe's.

You should know the size and model you want before ordering, e.g., you already have a pair you are happy with.

I bought a pair on Amazon for $129 because it was a new model and Joe didn't have my old model. When I checked Joe's last week they had 3 pair of the model I have been wearing. I bought all 3 for $83.00 a pair.

If you want excellent customer service and return shipping pay full retail and buy elseware. Joe's is for people that know exactly what they want."

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