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JPG is for people who love image-making without attitude. It’s about the kind of photography you get when you love the moment more than the camera.

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Scott S. posted on 4/17/2009

"Out of the Darkness - this is a site that I can say I am proud to be a part of. This magazine rebuilt and saved it'self from financial ruin, all thanks to the foresight of it's currenet owner. As you will see at first glance there are no "average" images on this site most of the pictures are the best of the best on the internet just like those who use this site."

Kevin S. posted on 12/8/2009

"I first loved the site, but then again I fancy myself a seasoned photographer rather than an amatur. The site has disappointed me as it seems to have too many conservative women who find my work either offensive ( I shoot a lot of women and I write a lot). or the content of my writings are not what the editors deem worthy. Yet I enjoy the "Contacts" I make.

It is difficult to say where the artist photographer belongs and seems right, yet it seems not right as well.. I'm staying since the space is a good space to post and develop internal despite the isolation and lack of appreication I sometimes feel."

Andrew. posted on 5/25/2013

"The quality of the paper and photographs are excellent. Kudos to the staff of JPG, and even if you don’t submit work, there are many captivating stories and articles with helpful photography tips on the site to see. I submitted a few images, which you can see above. As you can see from the screen capture, you can view the entire issue in PDF form, but I highly recommend subscribing. I have no official connection with JPG MAGAZINE other than being a contributor."

MAyra J. posted on 3/20/2014

"Amazing - This site is amazing. And they pay you 100.00 for you photo . You can't load up tp 10 photos daily. I love because they like the photo the way you taking , no photoshop."

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