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Founded in 2010, JustFab Inc. is a lifestyle fashion company that offers an engaging and personalized shopping experience to over 35 million members worldwide through its portfolio of brands including JustFab (www.justfab.com), FabKids (www.fabkids.com), ShoeDazzle (www.shoedazzle.com), and Fabletics (www.fabletics.com). JustFab continues to change the way women shop for fashion all over the world, giving members in the US, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Spain the celebrity treatment every month as they receive a new and customized selection of shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Loved everything. Great quality . Unfortunately we will be returning one of the Rompers but only because it doesn't fit right. We have been very happy with everything we have purchased from JustFab !!"

- kellytrono 4/4/15

"I've ordered multiple pairs of shoes from this website and they came quickly and were packaged so sufficiently and I ordered a big black tote purse with a huge bow on the front when it arrived it was better than the picture they provided for it. I LOVE IT! Have never had a problem."

- Tiny R. 4/1/15

"I signed up for the VIP membership thinking that it would be a good way for me to save and buy nice clothes, but after being charged once (and overdrafted mind you) I did not see anything I liked AND I realized that the amount I was being charged was MORE than what I was actually able to spend - for instance, over two months I was charged $80 in total, but this only added up to $32 just fab money.Their products are over priced for the quality."

- anonymous 12/16/14

The boots begin falling apart within a few wears, not worth the $40 they are priced.Overall this entire site is a huge rip off.

"Relatively cheap. They have awesome sales and membership discounts. I always, always get complimented on the shoes I buy from them. Though I've noticed whenever I buy shoes from them I either have to go up half a size or down half a size and that can be a tab frustrating. However, exchanging them for the correct size is never a problem."

- Aenka Fletcher 12/5/14

"Convenient, a lot of selection, good fashion, comfort... JustFab was the first online retailer that I saw and I liked the whole motto of membership and how it worked. There were a lot of styles and it was very easy to find something. It's convenient that there are styles sent every month. The selection is big and the prices are good, especially compared to the quality of the products. There are quite a few deals like buy one, get one free or buy one, get 50% off."

- Irina 8/13/14

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