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Launched in 1992, karmaloop as a one-stop-shop in Boston for all things street has been the leader of streetwear vendors online.  It specializes in  men’s and women’s clothing, vests, wallets, and watches with the freshest styles and hottest names in the global streetwear culture. This is a retailer that so highly values and anticipates the wants and needs of its trendsetting customers that its founder, Greg Selkoe, dubbed it “a community of style” from the very start. Shopping at KarmaLoop means getting the best threads from niche labels like Freshjive and Triple Five Soul, as well as getting in on exclusive designs from the most stylish of the mainstream urban designers like Puma and LeTigre.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I got some items that were about 25% off of the original price, and the quality of the items were extremely good! It also arrived very quickly, it was the first order that arrived compared to other items I ordered the same day on different websites."

-jesse_carl_dean 1/21/15

"If there was a "negative" star, that is what this company would have. They don't even deserve one star. Horrendous customer service. I ordered a wallet on 12/19/14 and still have not received this item. I called and emailed this company. No help whatsoever. They email that I received said that it was sent "UPS." That is total B.S. I spent over $7 on a wallet that was under $10 thinking foolishly that I would receive this by Christmas. I will NEVER order from them again. I don't know how they are still in business. Stay away, trust me. You don't want to have to call their customer service and listen to their horrible song that repeats the same verse over and over. Truly disgraceful."

- Anne A. 1/9/15

"I needed a website where I could purchase up to 6-8 pairs of shoes, found Karmaloop and this is just perfect. Purchased 6 Vans and the discounts and promo codes! makes it even better, one of the best websites to purchase from so far. I recomend it."

- Jeudy Cueto Justo 10/17/14

"Seriously!? How can KarmaLoop get such bad reviews?? I KNOW they're a legitimate biz. My husband used to buy crap their all the time. The ONLY thing I hate about KarmaLoop is that they're so expensive...and I'm selfish so the less my husband spends on himself the more I get to spend on me....so yea KarmaLoop doesn't see me very often.
But their brands are legit, they've always gotten our stuff to us in less than three weeks, and everything looks exactly the way it did in the picture.
To be honest, I didn't read any of your reviews, I just don't mind this site and am really confused about the low review.
The point of reviews is to declare a businesses trustworthiness, NOT how badly you suck at online shopping. Remember that the next time you throw a fit. If there's a chance you might have to go through a return process with something you're buying online, then DON'T buy it. Returns are a hassle if for no other reason than the fact that stuffing the crap back in the bag, resealing it, labeling it for shipping, and then scheduling a pick up or dropping it off sounds like WAY too much work. Go to the store or get out the tape measure.
And if you hate their prices, go somewhere else. Nobody is making you pay $80 for a sweatshirt."

- Allyssa C. 4/17/14

"Good selection of clothing and great prices. Their selection has kinda dwindled down now, but still great deals to be had. Wait for coupon code sthat they email out to you. I love getting my BBC and obey stuff from them."

- RALPH LOPEZ JR 3/31/14

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