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First started in 2002, Knit Picks is an online store which mainly supplies various kinds of handmade collections, from yarn, fiber, kits, needles, hooks to books, tools. Most Knit Picks stores will be found in shopping malls, but shopping can also be done online because its website is designed to cater to the needs of customers in more than a hundred countries worldwide.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Always a wonderful shopping experience with them, the shipping could be faster but I blame that on the UPS man."

- Janice 3/17/15

"Everything I have ever ordered from Knit Picks has been exceptional! I have never been disappointed with their products or their shipping times and communications. They have gone out of their way to ensure that my products arrive on time and in a manner acceptable to me! Highly recommended company to buy from."

- Tammy L. 12/13/14

"I find Knitpicks to give the best customer service. I have had a problem with a broken knitting needle and they replaced it with no problems. They deliver orders in a timely manner as well."

- sistasuzy 5/20/13

"I am very annoyed that Knit Picks has taken it upon themselves to incessantly clog up my mailbox with their catalogs. Interestingly, I am a knitter and was about to begin ordering from them when I learned that they love to kill trees in order to violate people's mailboxes. I have repeatedly phoned them to kindly ask them to please stop sending these, they claim they will stop, but it is a LIE.

Apparently Knit Picks doesn't realize that they are losing customers who boycott companies that send hardcopy catalogs.

In case Knit Picks chooses to do the right thing and remove me from their mailing list, the "customer" number is 648520 and the "source code" is C136100"

- Andi S. 9/19/13

"Knitpicks has their own house brand of yarn, importing directly from mills in South America cutting out the middle distributor. This lets their prices be competitive while retaining the quality other brand name yarn boasts. They're pretty good about keeping up with the current trend - silk blends, eco-wool/cotton, etc but I've never actually ordered or used the yarn. I'm not a fan of their colour palettes for the main weights (worsted, bulky) although they do offer a tantalizing section of sock and lace weight yarn. For me, what I like the best is their array of good quality knitting needles. I've ordered 2 sets, one was delayed because it was around Christmas time (not their fault) and the other one came timely. In general, highly recommended if you're knitting on a budget but don't like acrylic or craft quality yarn."

- Alex P. 4/14/11

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