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L.L.Bean is an American privately held mail-order, online, and retail company founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean and currently based in Freeport, Maine, United States. It specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment. It has been a trusted source for quality apparel, reliable outdoor equipment and expert advice for over 100 years.

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Real Customer Reviews

"They have the best customer service on earth. I have been purchasing from them for about 20 years and they stand behind everything they sell. Their customer service agents have stand-out courtesy. Nordstrom employees are polite like LLbean but they are paid commission. LLBean is courteous just because that is who they are. No, I don't work for the company - they are in Maine and I am in California. I have an LLBean card as well - free shipping for returns is a great benefit."

- marian L. 6/10/15

"If you are from Maine and you never heard of L.L. Bean then you should pack your bags and leave!!! Beans is an outdoor staple for any of your outdoorsy type families and enthusiasts. Many people complain about the higher prices but name another store that is open 24/7/365 and offers lifetime guarantee on all their products?

They have gotten so big over the years that some departments have moved into their own building (Home, Canoes/Kayaks, Hunting, etc). I would say that they take up a good part of Freeport but they have everything you would need no matter what outdoor activity you have planned. There stores are well staffed, have a great knowledge base of their products and the atmosphere is very relaxing and not loud.

If you do not like crowds well then you should take advantage of their 24/7 hours and go late at night or early in the morning. Trust me there is no trouble parking close to the store at 12am when you want to get some of your shopping done. Can't find it in the store they will order it for you and have it delivered right to your home for FREE.

If you become an L.L. Bean employee I believe the discounts are still 33% on all items including gift certificates and 40% for all canoes/kayaks and certain camping equipment."

- Craig M. 5/31/15

"Customer service not very courteous. I exchanged a pair of boots because first pair too big. Prior to the return, I contacted customer service to clarify return shipping charge policy with returns. I was told to write on return slip that customer service said no charge, which I did. However, I was charged for shipping so called customer service and was told shipping charges would be refunded. However, the customer service rep made a point of lecturing me to be sure I understood their policy is to charge return shipping for future reference. He was somewhat rude. The boots were good, but I'm not sure I would do business in the future with a company whose customer service reps feel it's appropriate to lecture what would have been a return customer."

- Anonymous 1/25/15

"I returned a pair of pants with a broken zipper, less than a year old.Pants were not cheap and should have lasted longer.

A few weeks later, I received an email indicating my return was received and a refund was issued. Then, for some reason, a customer service person left an unprofessional and downright nasty phone message for me telling me I would not receive a refund. Should I add that along with the pants I had sent the original receipt and had been a long standing customer with a business account? My wife purchased a lot from this company too.

Now we are ex-customers.What dishonesty from a company that allegedly guarantees their products for life."

- anonymous 1/5/15

"Just wrote a mediocre review on their beanboots because the quality isn't up to expectations, and got rejected saying I needed to revise because it doesn't meet their guidelines. Upon reviewing their guidelines, I don't think I violated any of them: got detailed description, no foul language, and even ended on an upnote, No wonder most the reviews are ravingly positive. Suddenly the "good feeling" company doesn't seem that warm and fuzzy anymore."

- ciaconne 12/23/14

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