Reviews – What’s The Best Music Website for You? Reviews is a music website, founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. Using a music recommender system called “Audioscrobbler”, builds a detailed profile of each user’s musical taste by recording details of the tracks the user listens to, either from Internet radio stations, or the user’s computer or many portable music devices. This information is transferred (“scrobbled”) to’s database either via the music player itself (Rdio, Spotify, Clementine, Amarok, MusicBee) or via a plugin installed into the user’s music player. The data are then displayed on the user’s profile page and compiled to create reference pages for individual artists.


Real Customer Reviews

Comisad o. posted on 4/17/2010

"Yeah I like it but I don't like how xbox 360 has monopolized it. I prefer YouTube - well - I preferred Youtube - before Vevo monopolized it."

Stanely F. posted on 3/22/2012

"Nice alternative to Pandora. Pandora seems to have access to bigger artists and possibly a much larger music library, but (as others have noted) Pandora also tends to repeat songs more often. is a great place to discover new music, but there are a lot of great artists (famous and not-so-much) whose music is on Pandora but not available on"

carl c. posted on 9/24/2014

" has been able to build up a very large database of music profiles and any kind of recommendation system, It is providing good music recommendations and it easily attract listeners. You can watch what thousands of people are playing; they have extremely accurate and up to date music charts and home maker creating. You can have good entertainment. So I am really appreciate."

Patrick J. posted on 11/2/2014

"If you love music- you like
Here you can find any style of music, bands, or singers, and just any information you need. You can listen to the best songs and view photos, watch videos. So, I think it's a very usefull site."

James W. posted on 3/25/2015

"Got to track news of mine fav bands. No need to follow each of their tweeter."

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