LifeLink Medical Alert

LifeLink Medical Alert Reviews & Coupon – Get Best Emergency Medical Alert System

LifeLink Medical Alert Reviews

LifeLink Prodigy is an emergency medical alert system that has no monthly fees, no contracts, and no hidden charges. You’ve come to the right place for the best alert system available on the market today.

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Real Customer Reviews

Lynda r. posted on 12/17/2013

"Bought the system back in august.i still don't know why some people pay monthly fees this system is a one-time fee and is all i need very comfortable button and nice-looking mom swims and she even wears the pendant in the pool. customer service is primo"

Grace s. posted on 1/24/2014

"Purchased the unit for my 87 year old mother. Unit works as advertised, including cycling thru up to 8 phone numbers. I like the notification feature if the console battery is low or the pendant battery is low. I can do the maintenance myself to ensure continue smooth operation.Only snag from a customer service perspective is that support is only offered weekday 9-5. I had a question when I was testing on Saturday, and had to leave a email message. Good news is that my email was answered Monday morning."

Gina M. posted on 12/8/2014

"Finally a system my grandma feels comfortable with. She loves the look and comfort. And the best part is she's going to turn this into a parttime biz referring others. She'll make 250 bucks for every four referrals and she already has 6 or 7 lines up. THanks Matrix Life Link Prodigy."

Somesh N. posted on 5/6/2015

"Had a hard time finding a no monthly fee system. This soltuions is perfect for our home situation and mom's forgetfulness. All she has to do is "Press the blue button" - that's all we tell her and she's got it. The company told me that blue was selected because in the medical community, code blue means adult health emergency. These engineers know their craft."

Rosita R. posted on 8/4/2015

"Probably the best purchase I've made online i bought a spare button so now both my aunt and my uncle are covered (he has the wristwatch button). unit looks great and buttons are small and attractive so they wear them no problem love it!"

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