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LiftMode is the famous healthy store whcih supplies the pure Dietary Supplement ingredients and Nootropics including calming, energizing, health-promoting and more items. It offers the best customer service possible with fast, reliable shipping and high quality packaging. It is a unique resource for all types of dietary supplement ingredients. Their core focus is on ingredients that support brain and mood health, and on ingredients that deliver actual results.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I have ordered from LiftMode several times. They have a great selection of products with good prices. The shipping is fast and spot-on. I will continue to do business with them and I would recommend to absolutely anyone.
Thanks LiftMode!"

Christopher Harrison 3/25/15

"Purchased Noopept (GVS-111) from Liftmode awhile back, and I just started using it on a regular basis. Stacking it with Alpha GPC and phenylpiracetam seems to be effective for long study sessions. However, it seems to be ineffective on its own. I am not sure if it is just the phenylpiracetam and Alpha GPC working to keep my mind focused. Personally I would recommend phenylpiracetam over noopept; it seems to be the most effective out of everything I've tried thus far.

Nonetheless, there seems to be many positive reviews on this product, so I would recommend it for those of you looking for the right nootropic for you. LiftMode has great customer service and their staff is very quick to respond to any questions you may have about their products, so even if Noopept or any other product of theirs isn't for you, they are always happy to help you."

- afalfa 1/10/15

"I've been taking Phenibut F.A.A. from Liftmode for over 3 years now, responsibly cycling on and off related to my tolerance. I've only experience positive results. I've dealt with social anxiety and depression my whole life but this product has made these issues much easier to manage and in most situations eliminated the anxiety. I would recommend this product for anyone that experiences the same issues. The products that Liftmode offers are, in my opinion, the best on the market and of the highest quality. My wife also takes Phenibut for the sleep aid that it provides. Product works. Try it and see for yourself. Thanks."

- Justin M. 11/8/14

"Discovered this company while looking for yohimbine hcl to aid me in my weight loss. They offer by far the least expensive option online because the other companies offer their products already capsuled at around 3mg for about 90caps at $10 for about 270mg total. With liftmode, I was able to get 20g for $35 which works out to well over 6,500 similarly dosed caps. Also another plus is that each batch of their products is individually tested for purity, my batch was tested somewhat locally at a lab in Costa Mesa, CA. The peace of mind the lab testing provides and the great bulk rates will definitely have me coming back."

- Richard R. 8/10/14

"If you want Phenibut, the Liftmode Phenibut is of very high quality and quite effective. Use with care (not more than two days in a row or two in a week) as it can be somewhat addictive and people are known to have challenges coming off of it. But it has served me well in social situations, as a mild mood stimulant, and as a sleeping aid."

- Jerry H. 8/1/14

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