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Founded in 1996, lookfantastic.com is the original online British beauty boutique. The ultimate Mecca for hair, beauty and all things gorgeous, lookfantastic.com offers over 14,000 products from more than 400 brands across hair, make up, skin care, nails, electrical, fragrance, health , home and organic.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I order regularly from LookFantastic because the price I get my products for is better value compare to purchasing these from retail shops. I receive my order promptly the next day (I choose the next day delivery option and if I use normal delivery it still arrived within th next several days) and in good order. The online shop has an extensive variety of products to choose from. I love the surprise boxes and gifts that come with my orders (subject to how much you purchase)! I highly recommend LookFantastic."

- Nathaniel T. 9/6/15

"Ordered some make-up, got an email saying item had despatched. Three days later, item still hadn't arrived. Spoke to customer services who said it was on its way but could take upto 14 days to arrive. Nowhere does it say delivery could take that long - had I known I would have ordered elsewhere. Ridiculous."

- Shazya N. 8/28/15

"I have been buying my hair serum from here for years on a regular basis with no problem. I recently received a damaged product from them, the top of the pump had been broken off entirely and it looks as though this happened in the packing department. When I contacted lookfantastic about this issue, they sent me an automatic and robotic reply with returns details, no sorry, no explanation as to why this had occurred. When I questioned them about this by submitting another query they then responded with a standard reply. I won't be using this company again."

- Linda R. 4/24/15

"The first time I used this site, I placed an order for some christmas presents for the order and payment to go through and then be told they were out of stock. This was disappointing but I thought I'd give the site another go when they emailed me an offer with a free beauty box - I made a purchase but then found the beauty box was included as apparently one of them items on my list was an 'exclusion' how I was supposed to know this I do not know as this was very clear, there also should have been another free item with something I ordered but again this wasn't included. I've had emails back and forth trying to resolve this as I want them to demonstrate how a customer can see the exclusions but they can't do it - even contradicting themselves and saying it was unclear. Most of my shopping is now done online but this is the worst customer service received by far!"

- Anthony D. 3/18/15

"I've ordered off these guys a few times now, all the way from New Zealand and I only have good things to say.
Yes it does take a while to get here (3 weeks or so) but it's so worth it when everything is so much cheaper than what you buy in stores.
They've always sent me my free gift and accepted my discount coupons.
2 Other girls at work got me onto this website and they've never had any problems with them either. So many products to choose from!"

- Sarah H. 12/3/14

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