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Lucky Brand Reviews

Lucky Brand knows that jeans are much more than just denim and grommets; they’re a true blue American icon. Staying true to the rich heritage — and authentic, all-American spirit — of denim, Lucky Brand began crafting great-fitting, vintage-inspired jeans in Los Angeles in 1990. Lucky Brand gave them their distinctively Lucky look by literally putting them through the wringer — ripping, fraying, sanding, patching and washing by hand — to give them true character and soul. Then, they added authentic hardware, personalized touches and playful details, and an American legend was born.

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Real Customer Reviews

Mandy L. posted on 2/13/2008

"I just bought a pair of jeans from them an hour ago, and it's probably the most relaxed time I've had shopping. I have weird measurements (big thighs, narrow hips), and the salepeople were really nice even though it was an hour before closing. Found the perfect jeans and enjoyed the experience.

Yes, at over $100, it is a splurge pair for me, you'll most probably find what you're looking for, and then you can avoid buying multiple, ill-fitting pairs of jeans somewhere else."

Kelly J. poste don 2/4/2013

"LOVE great customer service. I bought a pair of jeans from this location before Christmas, wore them a few times, and then washed them on a normal cycle. Strangely enough, the zipper detached from the fly and was totally unusable. Total bummer! At this point, I didn't have my receipt or any proof that I'd bought them semi-recently, but I thought I'd go in and see if they could do anything, or even just recommend someone who could repair it. To my surprise (and delight), they apologized, immediately replaced the damaged jeans, and sent me on my way in 5 minutes. I was SO pleasantly surprised. And of course, they've made a customer for life now. :)"

passdude. posted on 4/18/2013

"Too bad they don't back up their product. I have had luck brand jeans for years. I had one defective pair that stretched out within a few hours. They would not take the item back because I had worn it in the house for a few hours."

Carmel U. posted on 8/5/2014

"I hadn't packed jeans for our end of July SF trip (silly me) and needed a quick and affordable pair of jeans to wear to a night game at Giants Stadium. I've worn Lucky Jeans before but had only ever purchased them from Buffalo Exchange. They are on par in terms of price as, say, Levi's or Madewell and are actually pretty comfy. They have styles for curvy girls (bless your hearts, Lucky Brand) and shorties like me!

I was lucky enough to walk in and find out that they were holding a HUGE summer sale where all sale items were an additional 50% off. That's all you had to say.

I purchased some jeans, cute wedges and a top -- $100! The staff member that helped me was incredibly friendly and even arranged all of the jeans I planned on trying on in order of fit and stretch!

The jeans were a comfy, stretchy jean that felt lived in and soft and I was happy with my last minute purchase. I'd like to stop in again and buy some of their adorable dresses and jumpsuits (hopefully when they have another one of their awesome sales!)"

Christine C. M. posted on 12/28/2014

"That awful moment on vacation you put on your only pair of jeans and realize you grabbed the wrong (*too small) pair when packing, and need to buy new jeans at halftime.

On the plus side, #NewJeans!

Luckily (haha) Lucky is next to the bar where we're watching the game and open at halftime. I ran in, told the the (3!!) Sales associates my situation, and they immediately tossed me in a fit room with 5 pairs to choose from. I found a pair, they cut the tags off, and I was out of there (also with 2 flannels and a dress) in under 15 minutes.

The 40% off post-holiday sale was a major bonus.

*side note: I had previously thought of Lucky as an "older" brand, like fashionable Mom Jeans. These jeans are amazing. Just enough stretch, lots of rinse and length options. Not Jr's jeans, but definitely not Mom Jeans!"

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