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Established in 2004 by a small group of healthy-lifestyle-loving friends, is one of the Internet’s pioneers for online distribution of health and wellness products in the vitamin and supplement industry. It specializes in selling vitamins, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, fitness equipment and DVDs, nutritional supplements, pet supplies and more on the web. is dedicated to carrying the best selection of products, with the best prices and offering them to consumers through an attractive, easy to navigate, robust e-commerce portal. All while maintaining top-notch 5-star service to the customer.
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Real Customer Reviews

"it was an easy purchase and delivery,as i got it here in time for christmas..i thank you"

- capyj1987 12/20/14

"Everything was delivered according to my order very promptly. I was concerned about the TruJoy organic candy canes being broken in transit but they are all intact and perfect. Thank you and God bless you! Merry Christmas!"

- jgbroscoff 12/18/14

"I have always gotten everything in my orders and always very fast delivery. I did have a problem with a Ultrasonic oil diffuser not shutting off and I called which they promptly replaced. I have been very happy with all the products I have received. I also got a sample of Leg cramp pills which I was having a problem myself with tried them and they worked great and fast relief. Now I keep them on hand. I am so glad of the little samples they send. I love Lucky Vitamin. Thank you!!! Mrs. Julie Marshall Cocoa, Fl."

- pandjmar 12/6/14

"Not as fast on the shipping as Vitacost but no complaints on products or customer service from me. The INCREDIBLY ANNOYING things they do marketing-wise is to send way too many emails with deals on stuff you just bought - thanks for nothing. Exactly which idiots are falling for this??? This is not the only company that does this but I really hate it and equally hate the amount of time pressure of their other promotions. It's a huge scream to make their time more important than mine. Drop everything and shop or you'll miss out. How rude and insulting. Companies that perpetually make these marketing mistakes just don't understand their customer.

I would do ALL of my online supplement shopping with one company if they would only treat me right - and it would cost them so much less. Send me one coupon every 2 weeks for 10 or 15% off MY ORDER so I don't have to work so hard and I'll be happy. They ask for customer loyalty but their customer service only rewards hours of inconvenient price shopping. Hope they spend a lot of money on this...."

- lee c. 6/10/14

"I've been shopping with Lucky Vitamins for at least five years. Buying online with Lucky Vitamins saves me a lot of money. The service has always been great. Delivery is quick. I've never had any problem at all."

- Melanie V. 6/14/14

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