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Lumber Liquidator Reviews

Lumber Liquidators began in 1993 when Tom Sullivan, a building contractor, began purchasing excess wood that other companies didn’t need and reselling it from the back of a trucking yard in Stoughton, Massachusetts. The company found its niche market in hardwood flooring. The first store opened on January 5, 1996 in West Roxbury, Massachusetts selling 150 sq ft of flooring the first day. Eight months later, a second store opened in Hartford, Connecticut and from there the increase continued.

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Chris L. posted on 1/23/2014

"I could not find anything more affordable than Lumber Liquidators. Empire said that they offered 70% and it still came to over $1600...with Lumber Liquidators I will be doing the labor myself and the laminate flooring only cost me $200. BIG difference! Thanks guys!"

gdreitlein. posted on 8/19/2014

"We had oak floors in three rooms installed by Authentic Floors. The installation was EXCELLENT. Floors look great and the workmanship is remarkable. Built like a piece of fine furniture. Wonderful! If I have any more rooms with oak floors, Authentic Floors with Clive Steele is the only way I'd go."

mfenn. posted on 10/26/2014

"What I originally thought was a great deal on a small lot special purchase became a huge liability when a home inspector determined that the naturally occurring defects in the wood were the result of a wood destroying insect infestation that can damage the flooring and the wood structure of the home. I spent $135.00 to hire in entomologist to determine that the infestation was inactive. I contacted customer service to obtain a replacement for the defective product. Customer Service declared it an installation error and all warranties were thus void. They stated that the installer should not have installed any flooring with signs of infestation, this is ironic since neither the manager and assistant manager in the Lumber Liquidator store were unable to identify the WDI infestation and admitted that this was the first time they had seen a Powder Post Beatle infestation. We all assumed that this was typical in rustic looking trendy hard scraped wood flooring."

LKhan. posted on 11/15/2014

"I love my floor- but I am very disappointed with the store. Jason in the Annapolis store helped me pick out my bamboo flooring. I gave Jason the dimensions of my room and he said I would need 30 boxes of flooring. Jason also told me not to worry if there is too much he "takes care of his customers and to bring it back to him & he would not charge a restocking fee." So I went ahead with the order- it turned out I needed 11 boxes of flooring not 30. So we called and told Jason that there was extra and he said that's fine we were within the 30 return window and to bring it back. My husband and Jason unloaded the 15 boxes we brought back it took maybe 10 min. Well surprise surprise Jason charged us $140.70 to restock the boxes. After we pointed out that he told us he would not do that he said "oh no we always charge a restocking fee".... so basically he sold me about 3x more flooring than I needed and then charges about $150 to bring back what he should never have sold me to begin with."

R.C. posted on 12/23/2014

"I was shocked at how much money I could save by ordering from you instead of Home Depot or Lowes. I'm very excited to get the floor and install it."

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