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MacMall Reviews

MacMall is a reseller of computers manufactured by Apple Inc., such as the MacBook and iMac, with an online store. They buy Apple products in bulk, which allows them to sell them at a volume discount, and are one of the only companies authorized by Apple Inc. to do so. They also sell accessories for other Apple products, like iPods and iPhones. MacMall is a wholly owned subsidiary of PC Mall, which is a NASDAQ traded company.

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Real Customer Reviews

mbeloved. posted on 12/25/2014

"It was a little cumbersome, I couldn't place an order on the site when I initially wanted to. After I was able to place the order, multiple customer service agents contacted me to verify my identity prior to shipping, one called after my package had been shipped and one called after it had arrived."

KKSpaghetti. posted on 12/19/2014

"They emailed me telling them to call them in order to confirm my order before they'd ship it. Then it was a whole ordeal over the phone because they thought I didn't put the right address to THEIRS records that I'm not sure why they have as I didn't sign up and they wanted me to confirm the landlords name and it's just stupid.
I also just got a call telling me the product I bought is no longer available. Now I assume it's not available because I bought the last one but if they sold it to me and then realized they don't have it I'll be back to lower my review"

Andrew M. posted on 11/25/2014

"I've bought a few items for my work through MacMall online. They're good about answering the phone and answering questions, but they're consistently poor at delivering your items in a timely manner.

* I buy some software for my employer, with an academic discount. They tell me the vendor (wrong vendor cited) requires the full paperwork for a 503C in order for me to qualify for (wrong product reference). I explain the situation, they said nevermind. Then 2 weeks go buy, and they tell me that they're waiting for proof of my non-profit status. 1 more week. Angry calls eventually result in me getting my license keys.
* I buy an iMac retina with a discounted rate I see on their site. "Shipping within 24 hours." They send me an email that explains there's a problem with the configuration, but they can swap memory in another unit... but that unit's gone. So they cancel and re-make my order. Oh well, next week it'll be here. 2 weeks later, still on backorder status. (I'm sure I'll get it eventually.)

But that's the deal with this outfit: unless it's on their floor, and you're physically present to claim it, don't expect anything in a timely manner. I doubt I'll buy anything from them again."

John M. posted on 10/3/2014

"I have always loved this place for sales and service. Apple just made most service work a warranty void situation if it's not done at Apple. Sad day to service monopoly coming back. Macmall couldn't help me yesterday because of this but they are still the most helpful and well priced place I've been to in Los Angeles"

Aisha A. posted on 3/30/2014

"My Macbook Pro had been acting strangely and then just at tax preparation time started to crash every five minutes. I took it to a Genius at the Apple store who couldn't find anything wrong, aside from some abnormal mouse behavior so he suggested I take it home, back everything up, then return it so they could run tests on it for a few days. After doing so I tried to call the Apple store to make another appointment but with no luck. The message kept telling me to go on line and make an appointment which I couldn't do since my computer was down again and I repeatedly ended up on long holds that ended in disconnections.

Out of sheer frustration I called Mac Mall and immediately got an actual person on the line who told me I could bring it in without an appointment for a free 15 min consultation. A technician by the name of Armen looked at it and In less than two minutes told me the battery had expanded from overheating and was putting pressure on the track pad causing the mouse abnormalities which resulted in the crashes. This also explained why the battery door was shut unevenly at the bottom, He took the battery out and showed me that it worked fine with just the power supply, and suggested that I could also buy a new battery if I wished and he would install it at no charge. I did, and it has worked beautifully ever since and my taxes are done. Thank you Armen!"

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