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Since 1999, has been the trusted online source for magazine subscriptions. As the #1 authorized online retailer for magazines, provides you with the best deals and biggest discounts on your favorite magazines.

Subscription prices are updated daily to reflect the lowest price approved by the publishers, so you can rest assured you have gotten the best deal possible when you buy from A long-standing personal relationship with each publisher allows us to offer you great deals on your favorite subscriptions and to deliver prompt and reliable service.


Real Customer Reviews

"This is a great site to buy your magazine subscription from. I have used this site to buy subscriptions as gifts for family and friends. The prices are usually great. The only thing I didn't like is you don't really get a reminder when your subscription is coming to an end so you get surprised if you don't remember yourself. I haven't bought a recent subscription but I might buy one for my kids in the near future.

Ease of Use
Website is very easy to search for what you are looking for. It's user friendly and easy to navigate.

Product Selection
They have a ton of different magazines to choose from. They don't have every single magazine that's out but their selection is rather large.

Product Pricing
They often have sales or promotions so I get things on sale and hardly ever pay full price. The pricing is worth it as long as you aren't paying full price.

Customer Service
I haven't had to use customer service but given the easy and pleasant experience from their website I would have to guess the customer service is just as nice."

- roxycody 1/6/15

"The magazine order was a gift for someone in another state. I received notice that they are receiving the subscription and they enjoy it very much. Thank you."

- jzimm74 12/17/14

" offers tons of magazine subscriptions. Some priced quite inexpensively and some not. It definitely pays to look at the prices here (they often sell the 'over prints' from the publishers). The magazines are the originals and getting them for 25% - 50% off list price is the way to go!"

- Tracy E. 12/16/14

"well I received 3 episodes of my popular science at once-meaning I got a bunch of old magazines that I really didn't want and that will subtract 3 months out of my remaining subscription &new magazines coming way. Kinda bumbed. I wouldn't of minded if it didn't subtract from the new issues that I was going to receive in the future other than that everything's fine"

- seattlerain29 11/27/14

"You are a serious idiot waywardpilgrim. He responds to negative feedback to recover the reputation of his shitty, shady business so people like YOU fall for it. I've personally been ripped off and surprisingly many people have the same issue of unauthorized charges. If people don't check their bank accounts or payp regularly, this business is getting away with charging RIDICULOUS amounts of money ($50 something for a Bloomberg subscription). STAY AWAY FROM MAGAZINES.COM. Jason Curtis can kiss my ass."

- 5/10/12

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