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Started in 1985, MANGO is an internationally famous multinational which designs, manufactures and markets women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, with 2,060 stores in 104 countries worldwide.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I ordered from them many time. I love their clothes. The quality and style is nice. It's also fit perfectly. No tax for me (Texas). Free shipping in order of $50.
But the problem is the shipping. I ordered a dress and a blouse. A dress come in 1 week. But, It took a month to receive my blouse.
But I still love them."

- Lyn V. 8/20/15

"Terrible experience. Ordered a pair of pants and sizing was completely off. I thought "no worries, I'll just send them back for a smaller size". Well, that didn't happen. I packaged them up, and headed to the post office only to find that it would cost $15 bucks to send them back! They were sent in a huge box and I got them for twenty dollars. If the shipping cost were $3 or $5 bucks, sure I'd send them back. But not for $15! Come on Mango, get it together!!"

- Tay 7/8/15

"All purchases I have made from Mango (In stores in England and abroad and also online) Have been great, the quality is really good and the prices are fair. Shipping times have been fast in my experiences and I have never had a problem with customer services.
The Sales at Mango stores are really worth looking out for, bargains are to be had.

More good reviews are needed to be posted on here as most reviews are from people with bad experiences, who quite rightly vent their frustrations in a review.
More rounded reviews are needed to represent the company correctly.
I feel this Company and its products are great."

- monique h. 5/20/15

"The website is good, however it is impossible to comunicate with their customer service. I am waiting for a refund and it has been more than 2 months. They never reply to emails and when you call they just say they are taking care of it.

I also have another order that is being prepared for 4 days and I am not able to get any information from them. This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with."

- catia b. 10/29/14

"I love the merchandise but the service at this store sucks so bad, I won't go in any longer.

They can't handle the most elementary online returns, or other store searches. This comes from the management on down. Inflexible, not service oriented.

Mango, until you can step up your service to baseline levels, you will only aspire to be a retailer."

- Karlyn N. 3/31/14

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