MartialArtsMart Reviews & Coupon Code – Get Martial Arts Supplies including Uniforms and Weapons Reviews is your one-stop Internet shop. Established in 1983 and on the web since 1995,  MartialArtsMart is dedicated in bringing you the very best in martial arts products. With over 3000 items, is one of the largest online suppliers for all your martial art needs, and all at a discount.

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Real Customer Reviews

Tom. posted on 4/4/2014

"they have very nice stuff - I got half of my order & was very pleased with the price & Quality - had problems communicating with customer service over the other half of my order - not sure if it was because of interference by my mother or someone else - the prices are good - no worries - got the other item from another seller - I love browsing their merchandise"

Aaron S. posted on 6/4/2014

"Great martial arts store, excellent service and selection of products. Economical pricing, prompt deliveries."

Hoang Nguyen. posted on 12/9/2014

"I never received the tracking number when they ship the items out. Although, I did receive all the items I order. There was a link in the order to check on the order but in there, it never updated with tracking number or when they sent the items out.I like the variety of products they offer and best of all the fixed shipping charge of $3.95."

Linda l. posted on 4/24/2015

"I attempted to make a purchase using the advertized online coupon and found that I couldn't because the coupon had expired. If it had expired, why post it? I feel this was a 'come on' intended to motivate a purchase and they were not playing fair. Their customer service by phone is mediocre and their prices too high. But why post a coupon that couldn't be used?"

Ruth K. posted on 8/16/2015

"Excellent product. Excellent quick shipping and good pricing. Really satisfied. I will order from them again. I am a martial artist as well."

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