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Launched on the Web in April of 1995, helped pioneer the online dating industry and now services 24 countries and territories and hosts Web sites in 15 different languages. They create romantic opportunities so singles are more likely to find someone special. Over the years, has learned more and more about what people want—and the tools they need to help take the lottery out of love. With more ways than ever to bring singles together, has come a long way since 1995.


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Brant. posted on 12/5/2014

"Although I think the site works well in terms of dating; be aware of the money grabbing and unsympathetic manner in which the business is run. I believed I had cancelled my automatic renewal but then got stung by a £60 renewal notice. The customer service was awful and they would not believe that I had cancelled the subscription because I didn't receive a confirmatory email. Essentially, they will never give a refund. Now that have definitely cancelled my membership I can see that may not have fully cancelled the membership I can see that I may not have pressed the last button (of about 8) to do so. They do not remind you that money is coming out and that your renewal is up. I think this is probably the worst customer service I have ever come across. So be weary users - my advice would be to cancel your subscription as soon as you pay out (and get the email) so that you don't get stung or USE A DIFFERENT DATING SITE "

User1. posted on 12/3/2014

"I found the love of my life on Match in the first month! We have been happily married for three years now. We both are still amazed at how well/suited we are for each orher. This is a "Match" made in heaven!"

christinekertie. posted on 12/2/2014

"At first I was a bit skeptical about joining match. I was 23 and had just graduated from college six months prior and was quickly realizing that meeting guys at the bar was not where I wanted to meet the love of my life. I was on match for about a week when I met John. We emailed a lot through the site and texted for about two weeks before we had our first date. We just clicked and our conversations flowed. I felt like we both got eachother and I was very surprised that I met someone on the site. Fast forward three years and now we are engaged and will be getting married in August. :) I liked match because you know the people on that site are there for the same reason as you, so there are no mixed signals or people just looking for a hookup. I felt like I really got a good idea of who each person was by their bios and pictures, which made it easy to seek out potential partners." User. posted on 11/6/2014

"Honestly, the Match experience mostly seems like bait and switch. The number of fake profile on that site is in part what I am referring to. When I don't have an ongoing subscription, there are plenty of supposed single woman attempting contact, but as soon as I purchase a month or so worth of time, the contact ceases.

I have learned that these fake profile always describe themselves as, 5-7 and slender. Match claims they are not responsible for these fake profiles, but I am not convinced.

I will never again purchase time on the Match site."

Tangodancer. posted on 11/3/2014

"I had a three month membership. I found a lot of men I was interested in. I sent out a of message. Did not get very much response. It was pretty discouraging. I decided not to renew. Then a few days before my membership expired I message a man that messages me back. We met and totally clicked. We've been dating about five weeks now and are really enjoying our budding relationship. I can't believe it but I actually found a handsome, intelligent, great guy in"

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