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MayKool is a B2C online trading platform that leading in china that specializes in tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, swimsuits, accessories and more items.It sells goods to worldwide at very low prices with guaranteed quality. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of MayKool.

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Real Customer Reviews

"This is a super cute dress, nice embroidery, just looks the same as shown in the website. For me, it's a little longer, but still looks great, i got lots of compliment. Thank you."

- 5/21/15

"Originally my order was 5 weeks late and was given one excuse after another. When I finally received my order all three items were sized incorrectly and very cheaply made. Now on week four of getting a refund I'm going through the same bs that originally occurred with the delivery."

- Elvisa R. 5/13/15

"I ordered a fun costume that looked great on the website. I received a papery, barely-fuzzy piece of junk that's the worst quality of anything I've ever seen. It cost me $18 (for a $50 costume) to ship it back to them, and I'll hopefully someday see a refund. They're absolutely unapologetic, while making noise on their website about "guaranteed quality"."

- Chirple 2/13/15

"I ordered dress from the website I got the dress, but it didn’t look alike as on the website. But the main problem was stains on the dress, it looked horrible. I contacted the seller and asked to change it. The seller agreed and I sent it back, but after several weeks I got nothing from the seller. He didn’t communicate with me at all. The worst company ever, so avoid these bastards and post comments about your experience with them."

- Romana 1/15/15

"I am satisfied with the products, I ordered mainly one size items because the goods are coming from China and I know from past experience that chinese sizes are much smaller than Europeans are: a S=M and M=L etc..
I am a M and for a blouse I ordered a L and it fits fine.
The ratio quality/price is fair.

There are no tags on the clothes so I have no clue how I can wash them ( So for Maykool managers I guess it saves you money not to put tags but at least write it on your website :D)
Lots of items look really nice but I would not dare ordering, for instance pants because of the size issue plus the return process does not seem very reliable and you have to pay yourselves... that's a no-no for me. Maykool I know returns cost money for your company but that's a huge barrier you are creating here !

The transportation took 2 weeks which is quite long for an online retail company to my mind, they should speed up their processes or open a DC in Europe !?

Overall satisfied just few points of improvements they should take into consideration and I guess will purchase again in the near future."

- Michelle 11/6/14

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