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Founded in 1980, Medifast specializes in diet and weight loss program that provides people with portion-controlled, healthy meals. Over the past thirty years, Medifast has succeeded in helping many customers on the diet and weight loss arena. Originally the weight management products were only available through doctors with over 20,000 physicians. They recommend the Medifast Diet plan to over one million patients. Today, customers can obtain the portion-controlled meals, dietary supplements and other materials directly with no prescription necessary.

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"I used the products successfully for roughly 10 months and lost 43 pounds. However, I developed a serious allergy to soy and began menopause a bit sooner than was expected with some adverse symptoms.In November 2012 I began Medifast. At first I didn't like it because of being I'll prepared on what foods to eat etc. I lost 20 lbs and stopped the program April 2013. All I needed to lose was 20. A few tips are to know what foods you like and order those each time. Medifast website takes forever to ship so I started using amazon and it's cheaper on amazon. To prevent stress from running out of food always order a week before you run out. Do not skip meals, and always plan your lean and green meals ahead of time. Keep sugar free Popsicles and nuts as a snack. Just be prepared on this diet, it really works. The gas I combated with drinking lots of water and drinking 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar a day. Exercise is also important. I don't recommend waiting to exercise like the website says, it will stagnate your loss."

- Katina 10/16/14

"the diet works for me. food are expensive and NOT delicious at all. i usually bought the on-the-go as i was too busy to cook. High in sugar that got me easily cranked up and felt hungry after few hours. Other diet bars i got from Walgreens worked better for me in terms of losing weight, handling hunger for long hours, more delicious, and got me in better mood, also more friendly for my pocket :p i will stop using medifast after this month and switch to other brand."

- Nana T. 11/28/13

"I used Medifast in the 90's. Lost 120 lbs. in 6 months. Fortified shakes only. Loved my renewed energy, and agile shape. All of the weight came back within a year with carefully planned diet. I was told at the onset, that 95% of clients would fail. Naturally, I was going to be in the 5%. Just sayin'. BEWARE."

- jacque 7/18/14

"I will be honest with you , here. The food is very expensive. Also, some of the food is very bad tasting (such as the oatmeal). However, customer service is excellent. And more importantly, this diet DOES WORK. I have tried many, many, many diets and probably spent over a million dollars in my lifetime trying to lose weight. This diet worked for me when countless others failed for me (such as weight watchers, nutrisystem, etc). And you really are NOT hungry after the first 3 days. . .so much so, that I even "forget" to eat my mini meal. Really, no joke, I forget to eat. If you don't have the money for medifast, you can purchase a book called Dr. Anderson's Habits of Good Health. This book uses the theory behind Medifast , eating every 2 to 3 hours, but teaches you how to do it "with your own food". I've done it and it works. It takes more thought and planning than simply purchasing the medifast meals, but it also works just the same. I hope this helps."

- Lisa L. 9/4/12

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