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Microsoft Store

Microsoft is a corporation that develops a wide range of products in the category of computers such as innovative operating systems namely Windows and office suite system namely Microsoft Office. It offers many unique products like the Surface Tablets, Windows Phones, and Xbox game consoles. Most Microsoft Stores will be found in shopping malls, but shopping can also be done online because its website is designed to cater to the needs of customers in more than a hundred countries worldwide.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Microsoft is the successful organization providing a successful organizational products. The operating systems like windows, mac, msdn, etc are widely used nowadays. Buying the shares of Nokia has already been made a great change over the product lumia smart phones. We all expect the technological changes in Lumia through Microsoft."

- Isaac B. 12/9/14

"Worst online shopping experience... and I shop a whole lot! I decided to buy my products through Microsoft... they weren't priced better anywhere else, so why not? I will tell you why not. If you ordered from anywhere you would receive it in a couple of days... I ordered a surface 7 days ago and still haven't received it. I should have bought from Best Buy - price was the same and they ship almost always by the next day. Shame on you Microsoft."

- shopshopshop05 12/4/14

"If I could give the customer service a Zero, I would. My debit card number was stolen, and several copies of Microsoft Office were fraudulently purchased with my card. I called all of the dealers and they were all able to block my card as reassurance since I already had it canceled with my bank. When I called Microsoft, they told me that I could not shut down my own fraudulently used debit card! It seems to me that Microsoft isn't too worried about the safety of its own programs, let alone the safety of its consumers. Thank God I switched to Apple years ago..."

- Sara 11/26/14

"More than 5 times when I tried to purchase accessories for my surface pro2 an error code pop up when tried to place the order.I had contacted Microsoft customer service about and I was told the bank had out a block on my account which customer online and in person from the bank decline.

Finally I had both Microsoft customer service and the bank on the phone simultaneously to determine who is lying to me, Microsoft customer service kept saying on the phone order could not proceed because the bank was not responding which the bank decline and saying that no transaction has been recorded from Microsoft to be decline in the first place. Microsoft replied not been able to communicate with the bank . I asked Microsoft on the phone whether they had similar issues with every bank and I was told almost every except for American Express. I was promised to be giving a call back to resolve the problem.

As far as my debit card account which I was tried to make the purchase from Microsoft that I had used many times before, I did not have problem to make redraws or make purchase at a local supermarket the same day.So it seems like a problem with Microsoft."

- Fatrat 1/17/14

"I ordered my laptop and an HP wireless printer from this store. Both arrived in a timely manner. The great thing about my experience with this site was that they were running promotions for these items and I saved a substantial amount of money on both of these products. hint: this is where the deal of the day sites come in handy. Didn't have any issues from ordering-through payment- to receiving on my doorstep."

- Joanne N. 7/30/11

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