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Modlily is a China-based global online wholesaler that is a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon cheap fashion clothing. It is a professional online cheap fashion clothing wholesaler that supplies many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide.At , customers will find thousands of products offered at incredible prices.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I returned the 2 dresses i purchased back after I saw that they do not look like on the picture at all and that the material was pure plastic. I paid for the dresses cca 39$, paid by myself return shipping cca 15$ (after I spoke with a customer service agent about everything; that I would rather pay for return shipping and receive 39$ refund then keep the goods and receive only 60% of those 39$ back), the company did not notify me at all about receiving my goods- I had to contact God knows how many times a customer service agent whose English was very poor, and then the company returned to me only 26$?!?! This is fraud!!! This company should not be allowed to operate in any country!!!! I urge everyone to file an official complaint like I will, to make them stop robbing people!"

- Marina J. 4/23/15

"Have purchased clothes and paid extra for express delivery (2-3 days)!Two weeks later haven't heard a word, filled a complaint and got the most unprofessional and unreasonable answer ever, claiming they were on holidays and it is my own fault for entering delivery address different to registered address, written in the defensive manner.

another week passed and I still can't get my money back (canceled the order after two weeks of waiting), poor response, refusing to refund in full as apparently I still have to pay the handling fee!!!This is the most unprofessional service I have ever received."

- George M. 3/6/15

"Do not ever buy from this site! I'm waiting for 4 months and never get my order. Waist of money and time. Costumer service is making fun of you when you keep asking for your money. And they will never refund you. It's a robbery under 'shopping' name."

- Jackie R. 1/5/15

"For the condition and quality of item I purchased I would have rated 5 stars. However, the measurements listed on the item were way off. I followed site instructions and carefully checked measurements before ordering. I was so disappointed when it arrived and didn't fit. I measured it and compared to stated measurements on line and they were way off. I contacted seller and offered to return at seller expense. Seller did not respond to me. I asked for help from PAYPAL who also contacted seller. Paypal later issued me a full refund. I never was contacted by seller. Shame on you! You could have handled this much better. I will never buy from Mart of China again. at your own risk."

- Antoinette J. 10/25/14

"I bought Jeans from this site , its price is $14.7, but spent $10 for shipping fee. :( , the quality is good , I paste one picture here. If you guys want to buy from this website, I suggest do not buy only one piece , their products very cheap, you can buy several pieces together, then the shipping fee would cheap , kkkkkkkkk lol."

- Mariona V. 9/25/14

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