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Monoprice Reviews

Monoprice is an online retailer that sells generic branded consumer electronics under its namesake private label. The company is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Monoprice initially was known for its inexpensive HDMI cables. The office and shipping operations are run out of a 173,000 square-foot warehouse.

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Real Customer Reviews

john p. posted on 12/21/2012

"I've been using for years. For networking, multimedia, computer system and consumer electronics cables and supporting hardware... delivers 30-50% lower cost than wholesale on everything. Incredible quality. I've never had to return anything,but if I did they guarantee it's quality. Check out the iPhone/iPad 30-pin charger for $3.43 or Ethernet cables for $0.78"

Thomas S. posted on 11/10/2014

"I have always thought highly of and have spent many thousands a year from their site; and have recommended them too many others. I NOW REGRET MAKING THOSE RECOMMENDATIONS. UNFORTUNATELY, their quality must be going downhill dramatically. I ordered over $1,000 of items today, was told that they were ready for pickup by one of their employees. My son drove over 1 hour, and the order was not ready. The employees there would not help. I called and spoke to a supervisor in the customer service dep't and she said she couldn't get it ready any faster and that it would be ready by 3 pm. I told her my son could not wait 5 hours for it; so she said they would have it delivered (at their cost) the next day - tomorrow. My son left. I just got a telephone call from them saying that it was ready (4:00) and that they would not be shipping it after all; even though a supervisor promised. The woman on the phone said she was aware that the supervisor promised to have it delivered; but, they decided NOT to do it after all. I cancelled my order. THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH A COMPANY, WHO DOES NOT BACKUP THEIR EMPLOYEES, OR KEEP THEIR WORD!!!!!"

Scott H. posted on 11/25/2014

"Awesome. Imagine my surprise when I not only found super cheap and highly rated cables from monoprice, and THEN found out their facility was 10 minutes from my house. Shhhheeeeeeiiiit. Ordered online and picked up the next day. It literally spent longer on their website placing the order than I did in their will-call picking it up.

Will return as much as possible in the future."

Sally R. posted on 2/24/2015

"Cheap, Cheap, Cheap HDMI cables that work just as good as the expensive monster cables at about 1/10th the cost. We've gotten lots of cables and the all work just fine with our HD tv. No problems at all. Why pay $50 for a cable at Best Buy when you can get it for $5 at Monoprice. Order online and pick it up a couple of days later. They also have lots of other stuff at good prices, but I can only speak for the cables."

jennifr_choi. posted on 3/12/2015

"I'm pretty much sold on Monoprice's customer service. I had purchased a pair of earbuds from the site that got caught on a knob and detached the inner wiring. Since I had only had them for two weeks, I was pretty bummed. I didn't expect much when I emailed the customer service to see if the product was salvageable, and was pleasantly surprised to read that they would send me a replacement as a courtesy. I didn't even need to send the broken ones back.

The emails were quick and the replacements came amazingly fast. I think the customer service was excellent and gracious in this instance, and I would definitely shop again/ recommend the site to others. "

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