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Motortrend Reviews

Motor Trend is an American automobile magazine. It first appeared in September 1949, issued by Petersen Publishing Company in Los Angeles, and bearing the tagline “The Magazine for a Motoring World”. The Trend provides readers with the latest what’s happening in the automotive industry.

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Real Customer Reviews

Barney L. posted on 8/27/2014

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kathleen m. posted on 9/15/2014

"I really like Motor Trend. Of the other car magazines, I think they take more time testing vehicles and giving a person their money's worth take on how that particular vehicle performed for them. Based on all things they do for their vehicle testing I think it paints a better picture of real world performance the average consumer wanting to buy that particular vehicle might experience."

Isaac B. posted on 12/9/2014

"I love to explore motortrend and reading every nook and corner of the site is interesting me as well. If anyone wish to buy a new car, or wish to know about a new product from a brand, then you had better visit motortrend because it shows you the exotic pictures and every details of new brand. To interest the visitors, the site presents with outstanding images of the cars and it is worth enjoying."

Harrison W. posted on 6/18/2015

"I love to visit daily motortrend and reading every news, reviews and corner of the site is interesting."

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