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Msdressy is a one stop shop for wedding and parties. It offer a range of beautiful dresses, matching shoes, exquisite accessories for brides and fashion ladies. The dress collections will be updated every season according to the fashion trend, in order to provide with you with the latest styles. Moreover, at, you can also have your dresses or gowns custom made if you can’t find a right size.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I did not do any alterations at all which is quite amazing. When I opened my package I was absolutely blown away!! I didn't want to break the bank so now I can spend more on flowers! It’s a very beautiful wedding gown. The detailing is perfect and it is very well made. The measurements given match received dress and it's pretty well made. It fitted perfectly, the back could be straped to fit exact. I love you guys!"

- Emilie C. 11/13/13

"I bought a dress, it was described and pictured as an wonderfull A-line pink dress, lengh under the knees. It cost me cca 220, 00$. When the dress arrived it was everithingh but A-line. The Lengh was to the floor, and the color, oh the color...Terrible!!! I wanted to return the dress, sent them pictures, but they did not want to pay for the shipping cost. The shipping cost for me as an individual were more that the price of the dress, so I didn't want to pay them either. They did not denied that the dress was catastrophic compared to what was shown in the picture online, but they just told me to wear a three ring petitcoat. It was very expenciv, and in the end just thrown money. There is no way to return the dress and get your money back, so do not order from this website!!! And yes, after my e-mails, somehow I cannot access the website anymore. Gueess they have theire way to block negativ but true comments."

- dunja ar 9/19/13

"Do not I repeat DO NOT buy from this company!!!! I ordered a Prom dress for my daughter and when it finally came it was in the wrong color and the material was thick looking and was not like the dress in the picture.I was told to ship the dress back which was in China and cost 70.00 to ship as they don't pay for shipping, and I haven't received my refund as of yet."

- lisa j. 4/29/13


I tried leaving a review on their website but they do not allow it. Therefore whatever reviews you see on their website is vetted and only the BEST is selected. This provides an exceptionally BIASED view. It is NOT based in the USA but in CHINA. Be wary of the "Quality guarantee" and "Customer orientated service"

I ordered a dress that did not fit despite giving my measurements to have it custom fitted. After a series of email going back and forth, the conclusion was for me to receive a 70% refund after stocktaking costs. This was in October 2012, and it is now January 2013 and I have yet to receive a single cent in my paypal. This is after 3 emails to try to get a correspondence. I even went as far as to leave a facebook post on their page which got deleted.

An extremely disappointing experience that would make me doubt its credibility and believe that all the reviews were either paid or made up."

- Kay 1/21/13

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