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MyHabit was created by in response to customers’ desires to shop intelligently from a selection of designer and boutique brands. It offers clothing, shoes, accessories, home items at exciting prices. Each and every item for sale has been hand-picked by someone with a keen eye for the latest trends,highest-quality brands and best fabrications.


Real Customer Reviews

"Living in Australia is frustrating for many avid shoppers. We pay more for everything, we have limited choice of products, and we are often unable to buy products from US websites.
I've been a member of MYHABIT for about 3 years, for the past year I haven't bought clothing or shoes for myself from any other shop, online or otherwise. The prices are fantastic, the quality of the merchandise has been fabulous, and the customer service department have exceeded my expectations. I am delighted with MYHABIT through and through!"

- Anne M. 4/29/15

"All I'm really trying to say is that authentic products are easily distinguished between fake ones! You guys, I mean, need to stop selling fake products to people who've worked tirelessly for their money. It is against the law to mislead others. Keep in mind that you guys could be criminally charged for misleading others. Good luck! !"

- Duke 3/15/15

"This is a scam. They selling fake designer items. Personally I received a LV bag. There was no Authenticity card, It was used before, also there was suspicious notes inside the bag in different languages. It seemed the bag was used for drug smuggling. I don't recommend Myhabit for designer items."

- Jessica 11/23/14

"Item I received is different than in picture. It was a nonreturnable item. As others mention, the packing was terrible, although my item was not damaged as a result. The packing was sides/pieces of other corrugated boxes! No instructions for putting together item. Appeared to me to be something returned or surplus that was thrown in a box that happened to be around. In trying to contact someone at the website to determine if i could return it, the "contact" choices were diabled. ??? This is an company and it is disappointing. Won't order again. I'm out $137.00."

- kay kr 12/19/13

"Order a chandelier from, the product arrived with broken bobeches (see attached image) because of poor packaging.Contacted and they promised to contact the manufacture for replacement part.

After months of effort, nothing happened. Every time I called, I will have to spent a few minutes confirming the date of order, delivery address, order number, etc, and then received a standard message saying that it is being processed.

Finally, received message from ('s parent company) saying that they will not do anything with the broken bobeches, and the resolution is final.I am extremely disappointed at them."

- anonymous 8/10/13

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