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MyTheresa is one of the world’s leading online retailers for women’s luxury fashion. The success story began in 2006 as a small online shop associated with the multi-brand store THERESA., which has been the pillar of style, quality and luxury fashion competence in Munich for more than 25 years. A one-of-a-kind selection of products from 170 of the most important designer collections, outstanding customer service, as well as fast and reliable delivery to more than 120 countries all over the world.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I purchased from and it was the best easiest experience I have had and I am an avid online shopper. I received my Nike AirMax Sneaker Boot that was sold out in the US in my size and they are authenticate.!!! I will order from them again they house some of the most prestige designers on the runway in fashion and if high fashion Stella McCartney, Prada, Gucci & the list goes on & on are your thing they are 100% certified legit!!!"

- Brittny W. 9/13/15

" is absolutely one of my favorite websides for shopping! Their delivery is so easy, quick and they also have an amazing service.
- But, i ordered a pair of shoes, Valentino open leather sneaker, and they just didn't that cool in real life. I also think that the webside wasn't honest about the sizes.. But although the "small mistakes", i love the webside and i love the brands."

- Sandra M. 9/6/15

"I purchased red dress and one pair of shoes from the store mytheresa. I got all details of the purchase and confirmation email as well. But the seller didn’t provide the order. It was nightmare for me, because I sent emails to the seller, but he ignored them. I have no idea where I could get any additional information. Any ideas of how to contact the seller? I really need someone’s help."

- Amber P. 8/15/15

"I have bought a couple of things from Mytheresa and was happy with the fast delivery and items I ordered. They weren't perfect but I didn't want to go through the hassle of international returning. My third order really didn't fit so I had to return. Before I returned the items I asked directly whether duty and taxes were refunded but didn't get an answer from customer service other than a link to their Returns page which sidesteps the issue. The actual information about how they are not refunded was in small print way down at the bottom of another page - Terms and Conditions. Not many people get around to reading the small print. Anyway I made the return and ended up losing a substantial amount of money as taxes and duty is considerable for international shipment to Canada. At first I was told I would get a voucher for the duty paid but then I was told this was a mistake. If you are sure the item you order will fit, or if your country has negligible duty and taxes then by all means order from Mytheresa. If there is the smallest chance you have to make a return then do not. US companies are much more sophisticated with returns and refund duty and taxes as well as the cost of the item. Some even refund the exchange rate at the time of the order."

- martha r. 2/17/15

"My shoes arrived in perfect condition exactly as described in the right size and more importantly fast! They not the best at answering emails which can make you worry, but dispatched quickly with tracking number and definitely Arrived in my deadline. Slowest part of delivery was when dhl handed over delivery to their contractor at australia post and parcel sat in my own town for two days. Would buy confidently from them again."

- Amanda 10/29/14

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