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Necessary Clothing is a chain of fashion clothing stores throughout the downtown New York City area. Their stores offer affordable apparel, shoes, and accessories for trendy young women. Necessary allows you to create the look for less. Now you can shop online at

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Tiye J. posted on 9/28/2014

"I just ordered a dress, a belt and a sweater from the online store it came quickly they were exactly like the picture. I will shop with them again. I am over forever 21 and H&M online store is too overwhelming! The sweater I bought was from a brand that also is sold at urbanoutfitters and it was 20 cheaper. I will buy again!"

Mimi A. posted on 5/9/2014

"I am giving this place 5 stars simply because of their online store. I didn't even know they had locations in NYC. Honestly, the clothes are nice, the website is easy to navigate, but what has me absolutely sold is how fast the shipping is. I literally didn't think it was possible to get a package ordered and shipped from NYC to Boston in less than 48 hours, but they somehow manage it. It wasn't just a fluke either, everytime I order they are SO fast. I have shopped with another similar site,, and NC blows them out of the water. Very similar clothes, but Tobis customer service is just awful. It takes forever for their stuff to arrive, and when it does, most of the time they sent the wrong items/color/size etc. Ncessary clothing has never messed up my order, and I've shopped with them way more than I have with Tobi. Plus, they offer deals for free shipping!

I reccommend thier site if you don't live close enough! It doesn't get any better!"

Tamara B. posted on 3/9/2014

"I came here randomly in 2011 and loved the bargains that I was able to find.

Upon returning to SOHO this spring, there were two Necessary Stores across from each other.

About 90% of the clothing is very low quality and cheap, but there are some great funds and unique pieces that have better quality fabric - if you're lucky to find a size that fits!

Will be back. Perfect for trendy items that Club Monaco or J crew would be far too expensive for."

Teem A. posted on 2/22/2014

"I can completely agree with everyone on here except I probably have more complaints since nothing is true to size!

I probably tried on 6 pairs of pants that were a Large and didnt fit when I'm usually a medium. I mean, hey I know Im big but cmon nothing was my size!

And then I tried on other items that I liked and either the sleeves were sewed where you stick your hand out or they were ripped.

I must admit, very cute dresses for cheap but like everyone said, this is a one time use store. I really hope someone's wardrobe is only from here.... really bad."

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