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NextIssue Reviews

Next Issue is bringing the world’s greatest magazines to life on the digital device of your choice. You can get unlimited access to all the best magazine subscriptions, read your favorite magazines including back issues anytime, anywhere.

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Real Customer Reviews

Margaret M. posted on 4/27/2014

"Be sure to check compatilbity as it does not work on all devices. When it does work , it is frigging amazing as you get hundreds of magazines at any time."

Margaret Y. posted on 6/19/2014

"The price of next issue online is less than what I pay for zinio for just a single magazine subscription. I switched my wired magazine account from zinio to nextissue and now I get 100s of other magazines too."

Patricia X. posted on 7/27/2014

"I just hope nothing ever stops nextissue from working as this is the best thing ever. It is netflix for your magazines. I just hope the magazine industry doesn't shut down because of this low price. I can't believe it."

kevin k. posted on 10/2/2014

"Last month I went through this for free trial. There I got some magazines updates and I was not interested to go for their paying plan. So I left using this service from my iPad. But this month they automatically convert me to their paid plan. So I don’t like to use anymore."

Susan V. posted on 2/12/2015

"For the $9.99 price I cannot believe how many magazines I get to read per month. The app works perfectly, I only wish it would work on my android phone. It works great on my ipad."

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