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Founded in 1975, Oakley is best known for its eyewear, including sunglasses and goggles. New technologies have been introduced into its eyewear products, like 3D, interchangeable lenses, high optical clarity, and damage resistance and so on. Besides, it has expanded to footwear, watches, apparel, and other accessories. All the products are sold throughout US, Europe, Mexico, and Asia-Pacific region and have received great reviews among users. In its online store, various and detailed categorizations are offered so that customers could shop by sex, price, savings or color, which makes their shopping experience much more easily.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Absolutely awesome service from the guys at this particular store, will go back any time."

- Roland T. 9/29/14

"I have worked with an Oakley retailer and Oakley direct for 6 years now. These people writing half of these reviews must be on crack. One of the best customer service in the industry and the best product hands down. Read through some of these reviews and you'll see how rediculous they are. One reviewer was upset that it took a few days to process CUSTOM sunglasses and that shipping and processing is based on standard business days which are "ONLY" Monday through Friday. Just like every other company..."

- Ilikeoakley 6/16/14

"I should have known it was too good to be true that I could get closeout Oakley sunglasses for under $30! After 2 weeks of waiting for the sunglasses to arrive, I started doing a little research a found the site domain was from Hong Kong. I then knew for sure to expect junk. When the package finally arrived, it was the worst example of counterfeit I've ever seen. The case said 'Oakey', the logo was painted on, and the lenses had stickers. Not only were these fake, but they were a completely different style than I had ordered. The site looks legit, but STAY AWAY!"

- Shane A. 6/6/14

"Wanted sunglasses with progressive lenses. My eyes are closely set, so careful fitting and measurements are necessary for the lenses to work well for me. On my first visit, junior store staff immediately directed me to the right person. Lynette at this store took outstanding care of me. I'm guessing she is the manager. She is very experienced in both customer service and writing accurate orders for grinding
lenses. Lynette was very careful to suggest frame styles suitable for my prescription. After wearing the new sunglasses for a couple of hours already, my eyes are fully adjusted to them. Price was actually a bit less than I expected. If one asks, Lynette will direct you to a very good nearby restaurant for lunch. I am a fully satisfied customer and expect to do repeat business at this Oakley location."

- Ward C. 5/7/14

"I played travel baseball and oakleys were a life saver. They look great. VERY over priced but i didnt pay for them "

- Alfonzo3325 6/14/13

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