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OfficeMax is a leading provider of integrating products, solutions and services for the workplace, whether for business or at home. It is devoted to providing workplace innovation that enables the customers to work better. The company provides office supplies and paper, print and document services, technology products and solutions, and furniture to businesses and consumers.
OfficeMax consumers and business customers are served by approximately 29,000 associates through It has been named one of the 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies, and is the only company in the office supply industry to receive Ethics Inside® Certification by the Ethisphere Institute.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I have continued checking out their laptops and bought one. I got personal friendly help. Then I had a big goof up on my end understanding about email.. grrr.. when will I become a techi!! I got very straightforward answers.. I had also bout a premium set up so I get tech support.. which I m going to need.. I can make kindergarten kids line up but not understand why software s not hardware or some nonsense.. They must take more calming yoga than I.. Major KUDOS to Jason and Cameron."

- Cathy G. 9/1/14

"Bought an Item which apparently was on sale. After a few days I got an email that there was an error and my order is canceled!!!! What ?!!!! That's not my problem, even if it was a mistake you should honor the customers who bought that item. That's what a reliable retailer should do and OfficeMax is definitely not one!"

- Office Max User 8/29/14

"This is another good office supply store. I sometimes use them if they have an item I can't find elsewhere. They have a great variety of stock."

- Amanda T.5/14/14

"Our office as an account with officemax and they have really come down in price over the years. Admittingly we use them mostly for the ease of use factor as they have our orders memorized on the account so we just hit reorder when needed. We tried office depot but they often didn't have exactly what we needed online or would mess up an order and so we have been happy with office max over them. As far as we know they are the better online company over staples and the rest of the office superstores."

- Charles O. 4/30/14

"I called to see if they had a specific brand of dry erasable markers, Vis a Vis. The woman I spoke to put it aside for me with my name on it so it was ready for purchase when I got there. Now THAT'S customer service! I'm very appreciative. Thanks, OfficeMax!"

- Kelly P. 4/1/14

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