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Founded in 1989 by two parent, One Step Ahead is an online retailer of children’s clothing and accessories. It sells numerous children items such as bathing items, feeding accessories and toys. At One Step Ahead, parents and kids will enjoy  life more easier and safer. It is committed to saving you time, money, and frustration by bringing you the best of the vast baby and children’s market.

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"I wish I found out about this site before my second child. The little useful things like the whole body bib to the baby food organizer make life so much easier. Whoever is running this site really knows what moms need."

- Mary H. 12/3/14

" Be very cautious in doing business with this organization,
I called Monday October13th to order a costume for my daughter, the agent asked for all of my shipping information then my credit card number, i informed her i needed to know the total cost including shipping, I was then placed on hold long enough to get online place the order which was $10.00 less by the way. I hung up the phone received an order conformation ect... Well today I received notification from my credit monitoring service they had done an inquiry, mind you no permission no social security number etc... The operator had apparently placed my order after i hung up and placed it in their pay later option, Funny since she asked for my credit card number earlier in the conversation, so now i have two costumes coming. I also spoke with a person named Lisa in the credit department who was less than helpful. I will be contacting the FTC in regards to this also, letting Equifax know this business is pulling credit files without authorization, Beware if you give them your Address and name they apparently can pull your credit without your social security number!!!!! "

- Motorsports 10/16/14

" is a must visit website for new parents as well as parents in general. The reason I say that is because the site is especially designed for kids and it's target audience is parents. They have a really great selection of the products we - as parents really need to help keep our children happy and healthy. They have some products on the site that I had never even heard of but were quite intriguing. Their pricing on most products is extremely reasonable. They also have a seasonal products category that changes regularly and is stocked with products that are suitable for
what ever the current trends of the season are. Their clothing is absolutely adorable and reasonably priced. Their size availability is decent but not as good as it could be. But the clothing itself is high in overall quality and has a very vivid color selection. I recently bought a sandwich wrap mat from them. It is the coolest product I have seen in a very long time. Their shipping communication was impeccable to say the least. They kept me in the loop about the shipping information and, I received the items I ordered quickly and, at the same time. It wasn't a situation where the items in my order were coming from separate places and as result, shipped at different times or different packages. The got my order correct the very first time and it was neatly packaged and arrived in one piece. I will definetely shop there again and would confidently suggest it to others as well. It really is a great and reasonable site."

- Estella1 4/22/14

"Great stuff but false advertising.

We keep getting disappointed with this place. It blows my mind. They put out a catalog selling products that they don't have. I'm not talking about selling out of something, but not even having them ever! Yes, a cover page item that they never got in stock. Somebody is dropping the ball over there.

This happened twice. Each time telling us it will be a week delayed, then 2 months, then "oops, we aren't ever going to sell it". Just an annoying pain."

- Frank L. 3/24/15

"We bought pretty much all of our safety and childproofing equipment from this site and while it wasn't easy to install we found them all very durable and protective."

- Helen D. 3/20/14

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