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Overnight Prints Reviews

To small businesses and graphic designers who demand perfection, Overnight Prints is the preferred online printer of business cards, postcards, brochures, and other printed materials. Launched by founder Brett Heap in 2003, Overnight Prints has risen from a twenty-man operation set in an office to one of the largest online printing companies in the world. The secret to their success – a simple formula: Combine high quality products with eco-friendly practices and make sure it’s all delivered to you exactly when you need it…even if it’s tomorrow.

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Real Customer Reviews

Jade M. posted on 9/17/2014

"I needed 350 post cards printed for a trade show for my company, overnight prints delivered them fast and as expected. I was very skeptical about ordering from this site because of the reviews but after I spoke with a representative from Overnight Prints I decided to go ahead and order.

The representative told me that mass printing is similar to washing clothes. When you do one load right after another sometimes colors from the previous load of laundry can seep into your current load, thats why overnight prints coloring may be off 10% and sometimes the cut can be off 10%.

I would order from here if I am looking for a great price, and color quality wasnt my top priority. The paper for the post cards is actual post card paper, I was quoted at fedex for $450 for paper that was thinner than actual post cards. I only paid $74 at over night prints. Got what I was looking for, and will use again. Also shipping was accurate."

Megan M. posted on 12/19/2014

"Horrible customer service. I uploaded a file in the wrong color mode, and I'll admit that was my mistake, but the website really makes hardly any effort to point out to customers that this can cause a serious issue. All it does say, hidden in small print if you scroll waaaaay down on the upload page, is "For optimal printing, Overnight Prints recommends uploading your files in CMYK."

On top of that, the price was high and it took FOREVER for my prints to arrive. Which makes it even worse that the color is totally wrong and the prints are useless. Now I don't have time to go to a more reputable company and get them redone.

So, while I'll cop to my part in the initial error, they have been thoroughly unhelpful since, and those things combined equal a 1 star review. First they sent me a canned response and didn't remove the information that didn't pertain to my issue, which was just lazy and confusing, and wasted more time since i had to write back and wait for an answer that made sense.

I offered my input on the way their website doesn't make enough of an effort to warn customers about potential color issues. I hope they listen."

karri-5987. posted on 12/23/2014

"I printed several people's Christmas cards with Overnight Prints this year and everyone loved them!"

ashesmay. posted on 12/30/2014

"We were very weary to order with Overnight Prints after reading the bad reviews on Yelp! but I am EXTREMELY impressed! We did the overnight shipping and our postcards arrived within 24 hours and they look immaculate. Way better than we could have imagined. The rounded corners were perfectly cut and even and the images look crisp and elegant. Literally swooning over these cards! Our customers at our trade show will love them."

andtheniwalked. posted on 12/31/2014

"Overnight Prints continues to deliver - over and over and over and over again! I think I first used them in 2006? It could have been 2005 - but regardless - I use them every chance I get an will continue to do so!"

John D. posted on 1/4/2015

"More like fly-by-night prints! I've given these guys two chances already and, while its normally three strikes and you're out, I've learned my lesson after two tries.

While the print quality of the final product is fine, the service is terrible. Nothing is overnight as the name would imply. It's more like "when we get to it". Fine if you don't have a deadline to meet, but who prints without a deadline to meet these days?

Next time I'll just stick with a real printer and pay the difference. I'd advise you to do the same."

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