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Overstock.com Reviews

Overstock.com also known by its shortcut, O.co, is an American online retailer headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, near Salt Lake City. Overstock.com initially sold surplus and returned merchandise on an online e-commerce marketplace, liquidating the inventories of at least 18 failed dot-com companies at below-wholesale prices. In recent years it has expanded to sell new merchandise, as well. Nowadays, Overstock is like an outlet mall for the Internet. As you might know from the name, Overstock liquidates overstock inventory to get you incredible deals on name brands. You can find jewelry, watches, apparel, sporting goods, electronics and a lot more.

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Real Customer Reviews

Jane. posted on 12/4/2014

"We ordered two $1400+ Persian rugs and they were absolutely amazing. We went to Turkey the following year and found one of them at a store and it was $1000 more than what we paid for it. We also ordered a rug that we didn't like and they took it back with no complaints (It was a big package!). We had to return two big accent chairs because they were not built well and they emailed a return label immediately. We have bought electronics, lamps, furniture, health care stuff & many other things from them and they are great! We love Overstock! Thank you for your great Customer service."

Lisa M. posted on 11/15/2014

"I ordered a pair of curtaines from overstock. And recived it sooner than I expected , my order was in good condition and good quality. Did not experience any problems at all."

Mike H. posted on 10/14/2014

"This site provides very unique products online and those of a different variety. Things which are very exceptional and not easily available in the open market are easily available on this site. So this site provides special services and effortless shopping. I always visit the site to see new arrivals and to buy the products online."

jerry b. posted on 10/7/2014

"The first time I had heard of and ordered something from overstock.com, was in 1998. The deals were great. I bought two leather bags for my airline luggage @ $25 a piece, and they are still around today and used.

But, throughout the years, I have noticed the prices going up and the quality going down. It used to be free shipping on everything, but that seems to have nearly disappeared as well. In 1998, they had few sale items, as they were just starting out. But, the items were quality items. Today, they seem to have just about everything, but not at the deals they used to have. You can actually find the items they have cheaper in other stores today.

I am not sure what happened between the 1990s and today, other than growth, but it is definitely not the same store. They seem to have forgotten what brought them to the place they are today, and should re-evaluate what made them a success in the first place."

Bruilik. posted on 9/23/2014

"I use overstock regularly for household items: furniture, lights etc. If I had Any issue with something they were very responsive. There is no hold time when you reach them and their customer service is #1 in the whole world!
Once I ordered a sofa and and it was defective in the middle was no cushion at all. So call and they offer free return with no worries. Since it was such an over weight item I was not super happy to pack it and reassemble it back. So the offer me few bucks off it. Thats the only item that I bought from them that and I still regret of not returning it. However, they offered.
Other items I was very pleased.
Lights are a bit tricky its a hit or miss. Every time they stand by their reputation."

Donna R. posted on 9/16/2014

"I have enjoyed ordering from this website for many years! While some of the items I've purchased had less than average quality, such as the Kitchen faucet I purchased a few years back. The cartridges had to be replaced so much, that I finally just went to Home Depot and purchased a different faucet! However, I give this website and their products a 90% customer satisfaction rating!!"

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