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Ozsale Reviews

OZSALE is Australia’s number 1 members-only online shopping club and your doorway to affordable designer fashion. Each day, members receive a personal invitation to the most exclusive sales events for men, women, kids, home, beauty, wine and more – at up to 80% off retail. Membership is free and everyone is welcome to join!

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Real Customer Reviews

EMMA N. posted on 9/10/2013

"fast shipping and great deals!! :D"

Suzanne Phan. posted on 5/1/2014

"I love the sales that Ozsale generates, I bought a range of makeup products from Ozsale and I can say I am very happy with them. They cost me a fraction of the prices that it would have been if I were to buy them in stores. Although the only downside to shopping on this website is that it takes a lot longer for the item to be shipped to you. The process and wait is very long, that I can admit. I b ecome very concerned and checked which stages my items were at nearly everyday but to be honest the wait was worth it. Very happy with the cosmetics that I bought. And i have also bought glassware from them toos!"

Rikki S. posted on 7/15/2014

"I have been ripped off so many times by this company. I buy an item, wait two months, wonder about where the hell it could possibly be, send them an email, get told it was never "delivered" to them, and get a shoddy refund. They are scammers, they've only ever delivered about half my orders in either the time they said they would, or at all! I don't want a refund ideally, I want the damn product that i chose to pay really good money for. Most of the time it's the really expensive items that just happen to get lost. Lucky workers is all I can say because obviously someone else is benefitting from my loss. I recently lost a 1500 tread cound king bed sheet set, two gel uv lamps ($130 each), a pair of designer sunglasses and many many many others. I can't believe the horrible service, and the "copy and paste" reply you get no matter who answers your question. No one in the entire company gives you a real answer for anything. And don't even try to get a refund, it takes two months of fighting them and waiting for their "don't have the time of day" responses to you legitimate issues with their companies problems. I can't believe there isn't zero stars to give them because they do not deserve as little as one in my opinion. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!"

B M. posted on 9/9/2014

"Not very fast but reliable you van get some really good deals overall satisfied customer service good"

Steph. posted on 5/7/2015

"This is one of my fav brands website. Although sometimes items can take a little longer than usual, but the products are worth the wait! The customer service team are amazing and prompt as well, had a few orders that were incorrect but they quickly sorted it out for me. I dont know why they have received such poor ratings, obviously people's experience with them has been completely different to mine."

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