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PartsGeek Reviews

PartsGeek has been offering automotive parts & supplies for sale since 1996 and have been online since 2002. Their office is located at 50 South Maple Avenue, Marlton, NJ 08053. (Please note: They do not offer walk in service at this location) They arrange shipping from warehouses throughout the United States.

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Real Customer Reviews

Justin B. posted on 10/20/2014

"You will end up paying full price including the core refund and they will not refund your core refund. I ordered 4 brake calipers for my car and was very pleased with the parts, they work great. So i took my old calipers and mailed them to the address stated on the piece of paper in the box. Apparently that was not the address I was supposed to return them too, even though it’s the one on the paper in the box.. 30 days later they were able to locate 2 of the 4 calipers i sent to centric parts. They told me they were refunding me for 2 out of the 4 core deposits. When I got upset that they would not refund my full core deposit they decided to cancel all refunds and not give me any money. I would have gladly taken the 2 out of the 4 refunds but they are refusing to cooperate. So in the end I paid the price of the calipers plus the core deposits plus the 100$ for shipping the old calipers...and also lost all my old calipers.....not such a great deal in my opinion. Tried to work it out with them, seeing how they are such a large business I figured they could help me out. They refused to help me out."

Rob W. posted on 3/9/2015

"I needed some repair parts and ordered here. They were shipped very quickly. The price was about 50% less than Autozone quoted me. They fit and worked perfectly. So you can save some serious money dealing with these folks."

THOMAS R. posted on 6/27/2015

"I'm competely redoing my fuel system on my truck and I found out about Partsgeek through an internet search. Your site is very easy to find parts as well as very affordable."

Mike. posted on 8/9/2015

"part easy to find for my 1985 toyota mr 2. ( air conditioner compressor). Shipped and delivered on time.
I will return for more parts."

Peaglefan. posted on 8/10/2015

"I was calling to make sure the part for my truck was the right one and I couldn't get a hold of anybody I would sure appreciate it if someone would call me back to make sure it is the right part"

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