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Since 1995, Parts Train has been a committed provider of parts and accessories at the cheapest prices. It provides everything ycustomers need-even parts that are really hard to find-and making it easy for them to find and purchase these items. There are more than 1,000,000 parts in stock at their warehouse including  repair estimates, auto answers, expert articles and hoe to guides.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I ordered a pair of strut mounts for my Jag and got the correct parts delivered without shipping and handling charges in two business days."

- Fred E. 9/16/15

"I have used this service a number of times over the past few years. I'm highly impressed with the ease of finding the parts I need for various vehicles. I'm enthusiastic about the quality of the customer service. I ordered the wrong part for my Blazer and even though it was my fault, they went out of their way to get the right part to me in a hurry. The parts are good quality, the descriptions are accurate, and the prices are more than fair. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to everyone. I don't usually endorse companies or services, but good quality service deserves recognition."

- John M. 7/15/15

"I ordered a clutch kit and they sent me a wrong kit in the correct box (who would've thought!).
Installed it, the wrong clutch disc damaged the flywheel and that gave the crankshaft a jerk and a bearing came loose. All i asked them was to refund me for the extra labor I had to pay to remove the wrong parts ($600).
They refused and told me the warranty is covered by the manufacturer.They said they'll contact the manufacturer, but they never did."

- Albert J. 4/29/15

"I ordered a alternator and put a overnight shipping for it never came the next day called customer service there telling me that they could not get in contact with the warehouse like really what type of business are you running so I put in a request for cancellation and now they sent me a email finally saying that the part I ordered is ready to be shipped now I have to send it right back in order to get my refund I should've stuck it out with Rockauto. com I guess being cheap isn't always good I advise anyone never to use parts train to order your car parts they SUCK."

- curtis g. 4/8/15

"I highly recommend to not use sent me the wrong part and blamed it on me the customer for receiving the wrong part.

Now to ship it back I have to pay the shipping and they tacked on a restock fee that they will take out as part of the refund. They are a scam and should not be allowed to sale online. Terrible business. I will not order anything from them again.

I am going to submit a BBB complaint too so other customers don't get sucked into this scam.

What more can I say.They must be removed."

- Stephen W. 10/11/14

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