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Ben H. posted on 1/27/2014

"I trust their reviews over most websites, they have real reviewers that are unbiased and tell you how the games are good or bad."

Mark W. posted on 11/23/2014

"Great magazine and now website for my pc gaming news. Now that consoles have won the war, this is the only magazine and website left really for PC games"

Dale Walker. posted on 12/24/2014

"One thing that is becoming increasingly frustrating is the fact that although people have heard of Geralt and his legend, two blokes in a pub think they can take him on in a fight. I can't recall a single instance of dialogue where combat has been averted because the gang fears an ass whooping. Its like how drunken idiots in real life will try to get in altercations with professional mma fighters."

Jason. posted on 5/15/2015

"Oh god. Batman combat; far cry base conquering; I think I might pass entirely on this. Neither of these is exactly a strong selling point - seriously, in which movie did Batman need to hit a guy 14 times to finally knock him out; he's the goddamned Batman - and tossing them into a giant, brown waste doesnt exactly enhance the mechanics."

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