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Founded in 1989 by brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, Peapod is an American online retailer that specializes in grocery items. From a small, family-run shopping and delivery service in Illinois to America’s leading Internet grocer, Peapod now has delivered more than 23 million orders across 24 U.S. markets. It features products that include general grocery items, prepared products, health foods and beauty products.
Peapod’s online shelves are stocked with more than 12,000 products in a range of categories: produce, meat and seafood, deli items, prepared foods, natural and organic foods and more. The company features the best brands such as CAREONE, Natune’s Pnomise and many more.
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Real Customer Reviews

"Peapod is great. I live about 2 blocks from a grocery store but I don't have a car so I often miss out on buying things that are big or unwieldy (for example: 12-pack of toilet paper, 12 pack of La Croix). I lift weights and often come home starving and end up resorting to delivery from a restaurant because I'm too hungry to walk to the store.

So I decided to take the leap and let Peapod deliver groceries for me. The selection was kind of hit or miss in some ways... you're definitely limited to what brands they offer and their organic selection can be sparse. They had next morning delivery. I chose a 7AM to 1PM window... in which I did not even have to be home for.

My delivery was on my front porch at 7AM. Better, the delivery guy did not knock because you know... it was 7AM and who wants to be woken up at 7AM? Not this lady.

Everything came in 4 separate containers. Frozen food was stored together with dry ice... which was kind of awesome! Refrigerated food was stored with cool packs. Everything else was neatly organized in bag or just by itself if warranted (aforementioned toilet paper and La Croix... man I love La Croix)

Delivery was ~$7. Food itself was neither expensive nor cheap. Just middle of the road... if I really cared about being a penny-pinching miser though I likely would not be hiring someone to deliver my groceries to me.

-1 star because they list alcohol on their website and then don't actually let you buy it! Such a tease."

- Aimee A. 10/21/14

"I'm a huge fan!

I first ordered groceries from Peapod when I was painfully 9 months pregnant & there was no way that I'd haul groceries up 3 flights of stars to my apartment & live to tell about it. The friendly driver who brought in my bags was super nice, & I was sure to tip to show my gratitude.

My baby boy arrived at the on-set of Chiberia Winter 2013-14. Needless to say, I had to use Peapod's services again - & again! The drivers have always been so great about carrying the bags up all those stairs, never a complaint. Tip these guys!

Now I continue to use Peapod because it is delightfully convenient, especially for a busy mom like myself. I use their iPhone app almost like a running grocery list - when I need something, I just add it to my cart, & when I'm ready to checkout it's all there waiting.

I really love Peapod's selection of organic items. Their organic produce is always fresh & crisp. Never have I received a questionable veggie. Their organic items are so much more than just veggies - heck, I even have organic ketchup in my fridge thanks to Peapod! Their selection of vegetarian meat substitutes is great, too. Love my fake meats!

Only once I was missing two items from my order, & I called customer service. The super nice guy I talked to credited me back for those missing items lickity split. Also, when we had some crazy snow & sub-zero temps that affected my order delivery this winter, I received a personal phone call from their customer service department to let me know.

Peapod's prices are comparable to any major grocery store, & I always watch my emails from them as Peapod will send out coupons for a few bucks off here & there."

- Elizabeth F. 4/29/14

"Second time since using peapod where they have delivered incorrect items and don't offer refunds nor offer to replace the item with the item that was actually ordered. Their policy is 'store credit' meaning the customer will be credited once they return to the site to make more purchases. If this isn't deceptive, I don't know what is. Won't be using peapod again."

- Janette K. 2/2/14

"This site is limited to only certain areas of the US. They are great for non perishable foods, but I don't know of any grocery delivery store that has exceptional produce."

- Natalie H. 5/15/13

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