Peragon Reviews – Are You Satisfied with the Aluminum Cover?

Peragon Reviews

The Peragon aluminum cover is just $699, far below any comparable bed cover. Why such a low price? The cover you buy goes directly from Peragon production line to your truck. If they sold through traditional distribution channels, the layers of markup would double the price – or more. For over a decade, Peragon has refined their production process to ensure you’ll always receive the highest quality without paying a premium.

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Real Customer Reviews

Tom G. posted on 3/4/2014

"I have had my paragon bed cover for over a year now and I am very happy with it. Very we'll made, easy to install. Every cover design has trade offs and the problem with this one is, if your load shifts to the front of the bed with the cover closed you can't push down on the top to open it. I have had to crawl in the bed to push boxes forward in order to open the top. Now I keep a 2x6 locked into the bed liner to keep anything from shifting to the front of the bed. Also The customer service is excellent!"

Myles M. posted on 3/19/2014

"The Peragon truck box cover is the real deal .Peragon's cover has performed in temperatures from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to -40 degrees Fahrenheit flawlessly.To say it simply yes I would buy the truck cover again."

Marie W. posted on 12/13/2014

"I really like the diversity of my new cover. I wanted a cover that I could use to either haul loads short or tall without having to completely take the cover off or have it folded up. This cover allows me flexibility that I was seeking."

Vince P. posted on 1/23/2015

"I have received many compliments about the cover. It truly is one of the best out there. Great solid aluminum cover, better than those cheap fold-up covers or fiberglass covers. This is tough and solid."

Thomas B. posted on 2/27/2015

"This cover looks great on my 2013 F-150! The install was very straight forward and the instructions were very easy to follow. There are also several YouTube videos that can be referenced prior to and during the install process. Highly recommend adding the Dual Deadbolt and Tailgate seal kit to finish this cover off. Cover is made of high grade materials, but is still..."

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