PetAmberAlert Reviews – How to Find Lost Pets?

PetAmberAlert Reviews

When a child is missing, an Amber Alert is issued and the surrounding area, even the nation, goes to work to locate the child and return them safely home to their loved ones. PetAmberalert is the only lost pet finder system using phone and fax broadcasts to help lost pets find their way home quickly.

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Real Customer Reviews

Patricia D. posted on 3/20/2014

"My friend used amberpet alert and it did help her find her lost dog. In the end it was a neighbor who found the dog but amber alert was also very helpful througout the process."

Helen D. posted on 5/27/2014

"I wish I had known about this website when I lost my cat. It is such a stressful thing looking for a lost cat and knowing they have the resources to help find a cat is so amazing."

Jennifer C. posted on 7/24/2014

"They were a great service. Provided me with all information I needed. The online chat rep was always helpful. I received my alerts promptly and started to receive calls from neighbors and businesses immediately."

kim k. posted on 11/6/2014

"MUCH more than I expected. The flyers that were faxed had been hung up all over town, and one of the vet offices even hung them on telephone poles. Many friends and neighbors received the calls, and even strangers called me to let me know they were searching based on the Amber Alert call. I was out of town when Luke disappeared from a boarding facility, and the service helped me coordinate the search effort when I couldn't do it on foot myself."

Stephanie F. posted on 3/11/2015

"We were searching for about 4 days for our lost dog. We had been calling and looking and then I came across the ad for PetAmberAlert. I decided it was worth the try. We signed up and they helped us locate her the next day !!! We got a phone call from someone who had her and did not know who she belonged to until they saw the PetAmberAlert fax that was sent out."

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