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Petco Animal Supplies is a privately held pet specialty retailer in the United States, with corporate offices in San Diego and San Antonio, that sells pet specialty products and services, such as grooming and dog training. Petco also offers a mainstream assortment of animals for sale and adoption, including fish, reptiles, small birds, and small companion animals, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice.

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Rose H. posted on 6/25/2013

"I have bought many items from this store. They have a great range of inventory. I have a cat, dog, and lizard. I was able to buy equipment for my lizard as well as food and other stuff for my dog and cat. I like how I can find everything I need at petco."

Diane1126. posted on 12/21/2013

"We ordered a crate for our dog and expected it within a couple of weeks. As time went on, and on, we phoned, only to be connected with someone we could not understand. We asked for a supervisor and was told the item was not available and the order had been cancelled. We are still waiting to get a refund. Very poor customer service. We do shop in store but will never again order from on line. "

daniel a. posted on 1/29/2014

"Its pretty slow but I've learned many new things there about animals I didn't know. My co workers are great people and funny, we are a great team of workers. I think the harest part about the job is when you try to inform people about the animals need and they simply don't care or working at the register and they found the item to be a different prices then it is. And cleaning crickets, I'm still kind of jumpy about them."

James m. posted on 10/10/2014

"I really like shop at Petco. This website provides products for a large level of pets comparing to the other sites. is always well- efficient and very friendly with the clients. This site has 530 stores and 8 products distribution centers. This site has a great selection and online transitions. Delivery times fluctuate relying upon the cargo choice, weight of the thing, item accessibility, and terminus."

Sarah G. posted on 1/18/2015

"Love this store! Any issues I have with them they take care of ASAP! I have never had a complaint with them (I have used them for our pets needs for over 3 years now). I will say the prices for Nature's Variety Instinct food is over priced, I do not buy this from them because of it being over priced."

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