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petMD Reviews is the world’s largest digital resource for pet health and wellness information.

Founded in 2008 to provide pet owners support beyond the vet office, petMD has quickly become the go-to resource for millions of pet parents across the globe. The website maintains a comprehensive library of more than 10,000 pet health articles, all written and approved by petMD’s network of trusted veterinarians.

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Stacy T. posted on 8/28/2015

"I am not sure if this is by the same company that made webmd, though it looks like it. I found really useful information on here for our papillion and why her ears were not growing the way they should have been growing. They also have good information on how to trim nails and treat heart worm."

karey f. posted on 9/10/2014

"The petMD company has to provide the lot of tips to saving the pet in our home. I have to approach that company for governing my beautiful dog. I have so happy to this company. It is very best company for especially pets. It has provide the powerful ideas for governing the pets"

Lily. posted on 1/5/2015

"The petMD Chocolate Toxicity Meter is a dog owner’s best friend. Theobromine and caffeine are the ingredients in chocolate that are toxic to dogs, but toxicity levels can vary based on the dog’s size and the type of chocolate consumed. By entering my dog’s weight, along with the type and amount of chocolate he/she ate, the app lets me know if I have a reason to be concerned. It also provides a list of the symptoms that may follow and recommendations for treatment. I love it very much."

Jamal A. posted on 1/19/2015

"good going, great service atleast for me"

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