Pinzoo Reveiws & Coupon – Why So Many People Highly Recommend It?


Pinzoo offers you a way to save money on your cell phone bill while you still get to enjoy the mobile services you love. They work with many different carriers, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best possible service. If you need a new phone, you’ll have no problem finding the right one in their online store. They work with carriers like H2O Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Net10 and more.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Pinzoo is faster, easier and less costly than your phone brand! I highly recommend Pinzoo for TracFone Android users. We don't have the luxury of promo codes with the TracFone Android, so it's nice to save a little something when we can! I've used Pinzoo ever since I discovered it."

- gdgillan63 6/23/15

"I love using this site to load minutes on my Ptel phone. Nice and easy and fast AND you get a little discount AND you get to accumulate points to use for a bigger discount. Love it."

- Michelle R. 8/2/13

"i ordered minutes for my net 10 and never received minutes, i to tried to get hold of them with no sucess.So not only did not get minutes they also have my credit card number. Never ever will i use them again and will spread their scam to as many as possible."

- Lottie Mayer 2/16/13

"My wife and I have used Pinzoo cards for the last 7 years to call our relatives and in-laws in Europe and Asia.

We only have great things to say about the calling cards, the service and the support. We get detailed reports for usage and available time and if we have any questions, the company reps are a click or a phone call away from answering our questions. We like their site that offers useful features for us (e.g. pinless dialing and auto-refill), which save us time and get us connected to our destination with minimal effort.

On one occasion we were getting a busy signal when there was an urgent family situation….we chatted with their Tech support and the issue was resolved right away….thank you. You helped reduce the stress by taking care of the issue right away, and getting us in touch with our loved ones on the other side of the ocean."

- pinzooreviews 7/2/12

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