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Pitchfork is a Chicago-based daily Internet publication devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interview. Its focus is on independent music, especially indie rock. However, the range of musical genres covered extends to pop, hip hop, folk, jazz, heavy metal, experimental, and various forms of electronic dance music.

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Real Customer Reviews

Ash A. posted on 2/23/2013

"I can sit here and badmouth pitchfork.com all day:

Their reviews are so overcerebral they make me feel like I'm at a renaissance fair when I'm just trying to decide if an album sucks or not.

They think Animal Collective is the greatest thing to hit music since the Beatles.

They constantly use phrases like "Fleet Foxes are great, but their harmonics are derivative of early My Morning Jacket."

But this isn't the Player Hater's Ball, so let's take a step back and be real: it is THE premiere site for indie rock reviews, and the first (and usually only) site I consult when looking for music advice. There are other sites and blogs I can go to to get more succinct (and less pretentious) reviews, but when I want a thorough, comprehensive understanding of exactly why an album is great (or terrible), I go to pitchfork.com. It is my go-to, and though I don't always agree with them (Joanna Newsom, really?), they run the indie-music-review scene and I am definitely a pitchfork junkie."

Jack R. posted on 10/9/2013

"This is a good website that has all the obvious music tools like reviews, downloads, etc. I am not a huge fan of the writing on the site but they do review a ton of music and do a nice job of organizing everything."

Jeremy G. posted on 10/23/2014

"Often, Pitchfork is so pretentious I can barely read it. However, I can't think of a better site to read music reviews (suggestions?). Can't live with it. Can't live without it."

Tracy H. posted on 12/17/2014

"Found this site reviewed on SJ and it really does live up to the hype. Great way to discover new music. I had previously only looked at the iTunes top lists to find new music and was getting very dissatisfied with what I was listening to. I would suggest anyone reading this to just try out pitchfork for awhile and ditch the mainstream commercial itunes for discovering new music"

Jonathan v. posted on 3/26/2015

"Pitchfork reviewers seem to care more about being cool than actually appreciating good music."

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