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Planet Shoes Reviews – Comfortable, Earth Friendly And Atylish Footwear

Planet Shoes

PlanetShoes is an online shoes store that provides comfortable, earth friendly and stylish footwear for men, women and children. Many well-known brands are available at Planet Shoes, such as Born, Earth, ECCO, Fly London, Keen, OTBT and more. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of PlanetShoes.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I ordered some shoes a couple of weeks ago as a gift for my granddaughter and had the shoes sent directly to her instead of me. Unfortunately, the email message greetings and account name reflect hers instead of mine. I tried unsuccessfully to change this. It was annoying and I just ordered without the change because I was afraid inventory would be depleted for my choice before I could sort it all out. Wish there was an easy way to correct this."

- Online Shopper 5/29/15

"I ordered Chaco shoes from PlanetShoes 10 days ago, and I got them today. The website said that they would ship in 2-3 days, but it took nearly a week. However, that is all I have to say bad about PlanetShoes. I emailed them to ask why my order hadn't shipped, and it shipped that day. The representative was also very polite and helpful. The price of the Chacos I ordered was $20 less than almost everywhere else I had seen online. They also had a great amount of choices and sizes. When I got my Chacos today, I was quite happy to see that they were in the original Chaco box. After shipping, the order only took 3 days to get here, so I was happy with that too. Overall, the order was good and I was happy with my purchase. I would recommend buying from PlanetShoes and I will probably buy from them again if I buy similar-type shoes again."

- Katie S. 4/30/15

"I have had a great experience with PlanetShoes and will definitely buy from them again. I purchased a pair of shoes from their website and they were too big, so I ordered a size smaller. Return was easy and painless. Took a little while to go through, but return shipping was free, and there is no processing fee for returns if purchased on their website."

- sboardboy3 2/15/15

"I have been fighting with regarding shoes I ordered from the site in April 2010. Planetshoes sent the shoes to my prior address, an address that I have not lived for almost 2 years. I had previously ordered from with my current address and they delivered the shoes to my correct address at that time. It was a mistake from their end through their computer system. What bothers me the most is that the lady I have been dealing with, Heather, has lied to me, UPS and my credit card company throughout this process. They are steadfastly fighting me on this issue and will not credit my account for items I never received. I've been told by UPS that this is unusual - usually the company will credit the account on a dispute like this. I feel it is completely unfair that I am still dealing with this and am now trying to file a claim through UPS, waiting for a supervisor to call me, as they are pointing the fingers back to, saying they should credit me. So it's just fingerpointing back and forth, in the meantime, I have lost $70.00. I am very upset about this. I do need to note that Heather informed my credit card company that I in fact received the merchandise. I never spoke to anyone and stated that I received the merchandise. She also claims to have left message(s) on my answering machine, which upon my own checking and investigation, did not happen."

- Murphy 1/22/15

"Planet shoes has unique, GREEN shoe styles that are eco friendly and comfortable! I love to support businesses like these that are community minded and give back. Plus their shoes are stylish and easy to wear. They honor free shipping on orders over $49 and free returns!"

- Jennifer H. 7/9/14

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