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Plated Reviews

Plated compiles chef-designed recipes and deliver all the ingredients necessary to make a home-cooked meal — from the cut meat and chopped produce, right down to details such as a teaspoon of tumeric or a quarter cup of coconut oil — directly to your door.

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Real Customer Reviews

Ann S. posted on 1/23/2014

"Great deals, and prompt customer service if you have a problem. I will buy from them again. Especially wonderful customer service. I wish I could buy from them in Colorado."

Daniel T. posted on 7/2/2014

"Dinner out at a restaurant $60. Dinner using plated and she is at my house $25. Following the recipe is also fairly easy if you stick with the moderate difficulty."

Patricia U. posted on 12/11/2014

"I kept seeing those plated ads all over facebook and finally sucumbed to trying it out. For 2 people this is a great deal. The cost of me buying spices, vegetables, meat for a decent meal can cost $30-40. Which is why I never cook. On plated I can get a meal for 2 for $25....and I don't have to go shopping."

Eddy S. posted on 4/14/2015

"These are some of the meals I've made the last few days since I've joined PLATED. Everything is delivered right to my door. All fresh ingredients, pre-measured so I don't waste anything and the portions are just right. Best of all, most meals are just $12 per person! Check it out."

Chef T. posted on 4/14/2015

"Made the cheesy beef enchiladas and chicken tikka masala recipes last week. So good!

Spinach wasn't super fresh when I got it, but the customer service team took care of me. Thank you, Plated!"

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  1. After spending a small fortune on carry out meals, I wanted to find an alternative that would work for me. Unlike other services, Home Bistro delivers chef designed meals that are ready for me to heat up. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this service. I get to try dishes I probably wouldn’t have and it inspires me to be more watchful of what I eat. So this is a win-win for me!

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