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Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) is responsible for keeping PlayStation® growing and thriving in the United States, Canada and Latin America. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-core gamer whose thumb calluses can deflect machine gun fire or if you just love Blu-ray movies, PlayStation® entertainment products have something for you.

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Real Customer Reviews

Ben G. posted on 5/24/2014

"An awesome site made by Sony. It talks about ps1,2,3 and 4!"

Alex B. posted on 3/29/2015

"Sony really deliver a great website, full of details about their latest games and consoles!"

John W. posted on 4/23/2015

"There is no way to get around it. Sony knows what they're doing and offer more."

Darrin N. posted on 5/4/2015

"It is very difficult to move around on the android PlayStation store. Which it makes it frustrating to buy things you can get only there. The store on PlayStation 3 I know was functional but had a lot room for improvement. I have recently purchased a PlayStation 4
when it gets here I'll tell if all hype over it true I tend to think it is because they would loose a lot of face to be caught intentionally misleading anyone about anything on PS 4"

Jamie T. posted on 5/12/2015

"I've never had any issues with the Playstation online store. I love the fact that I can not only download games, but I can also rent movies.
I live in a very secluded area and aside from Netflix, I don't have access to a lot of newer movies or TV series'.
I also like the fact that if I don't have room on my system to store all my downloaded games, I can delete them and re-download them when I want to play them again; I always have access to them so long as I have internet access."

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