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PlentyOfFish Reviews

PlentyOfFish is an online dating service, popular primarily in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, and the United States. The company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia generates revenue through advertising.

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Real Customer Reviews

Jim B. posted on 12/16/2014

"A lot of people have been using this service for many years. And it still alive, I wonder how did they manage to survive among many other services? Apparently it is a very popular service in many countries. They have huge audience and this is a problem. It seems that site is not controlled anymore. Be careful and maybe you will manage find your half"

Shila B. posted on 4/8/2015

"I have used POF back after I broke up with my ex back when it was free and although the quality of selections is questionable being that it was a free service at the time, wow things have changed. I just signed up *sigh* my GF who is now on POF after a bad break up. Now they want a membership fee which is fine 'cause maybe that will weed out somewhat the quality of people on there. Nope didn't help. There is no quality control compared to other dating sites (other dating sites still have their creeps but they go through large questionnaires, raised prices etc). We called customer service over an issue and wrote to them. Never heard back from them at all. My advice is to join meet up groups and or go to specifically niched dating sites that are more narrowed down. She is a gamer and a punk, therefore, joined a gamer dating site. So why 2? She got one good date out of it, however, turned out the guy had lied and was married."

Elizabeth D. posted on 5/8/2015

"After been though every dating website possible and 2 serious yet badly failed relationships I though love and decent men I think anything was real any more...i went on POF just out of interest and found my very own price charming we didn't start talking straight away but when we did straight away my past didn't seem to matter any more I'm now very happily engaged and moved in with him and have a bright further ahead of us it's funny I'm sure I'v found my twin my other said that disappeared with all the hurt I couldn't love him anymore..My advie don't look don't even care if your too tired of trying to get mr or ms right and there gonna fall straight into your lap...I was there
Now I'm planning a wedding
Thank you plenty of fish you are my hero"

JD L. posted on 5/31/2015

"If you are looking for someone to spend your twilight years sitting in a rocking chair, holding her knitting, this is the site for you. If you believe sexuality is a significant part of a relationship, you can forget this site.The least mention of a sexual interest to any mature women on this site will be considered offensive. Maybe for men under 40 it is different, but for me it mostly offered pre-emptive comments about not entertaining any sexual innuendo from women I would not even be sexually interested in. Women who are not obese are very rare."

bev s. posted on 6/3/2015

"some weird people, my profile was straight to the point as to what I was looking for but not rude or nasty, I was contacted by someone who's profile wasn't who they said they were.. Eg someone who was clearly ethnic had put Caucasian who had reported me for a pic I put on.. Not rude or nasty but a fun one I was told off by Marcus, and have been deleted, I should have reported him for not being honest on his profile, heard of a few blokes setting up new accounts due to being reported for no valid reason too. Some people are hypocritical and fickle."

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