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PLNDR is an exclusive, members-only online boutique that hosts limited time sales (often between 48 and 72 hours) offering the best in streetwear from cutting-edge brands at prices up to 80%-off – that’s practically stealing! It provides branded street-wear for men and women and other products that include accessories and footwear.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I love this website, my boyfriend shops here as well. The only issue is the app. it has a few issues especially when it comes to checking out. It really isn't a huge deal since i can always go on the actual website to make my purchases, but it would be awesome if the app worked a little bit better other than that i really like the clothes and i will continue to be a customer."

- Charles A. 9/11/15

"This store is absolutely awful. The first time I ordered from them was the only time I received my stuff from them. But I only got 2 out of 3 items. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another try by ordering 5 more hoodies. Guess what, after two weeks of processing my orders, plndr cancelled all of them. I don't think i've been refunded yet. Don't bother ordering stuff as it's a complete waste of time."

- Bobby J. 3/25/15

"I placed a test order on Jan 28 and then got an email from the CEO saying all this BS about so many things were going wrong with their shipping department and that the shipment would take a little longer than normal. I then got suckered into buying again on Feb 6 because of a "good deal". I tried emailing the CEO and the customer service department but no response. I then just got an email saying that the product I ordered never came in and that they would give me a 150% credit or refund my money. The problem was they didn't tell me which order they were talking about. It's Feb 24, still no products :( Lame!"

- Eddie C. 2/24/15

"I had a problem while trying to purchase my items, having to do with incorrect information on my card but everything was perfect. I've shopped here many times so i knew something with the website was wrong and i waited 2 days and tried again and got my order! The only reason i am saying this is to let the company know. That way if you've heard of this problem b efore you can fix it so you dont lose new customers."

- Deborah P. 1/12/15

"I ordered a shirt for my son. The shirt was too large for him. The site does not offer any information about exchanges and NO return label. I have to pay for return shipping, and I would have to pay for the new order to get a new size. That is about $30 in shipping for a $30 shirt. I had to sit on the phone with customer service for about 35 minutes to find out how to do an exchange, and basically it is return it and after we receive it we will process an exchange. No guarantee on anything. I will never order from this company again, and my son will let his friends know not to order from PLNDR is a BLUNDER."

- denise n. 10/26/14

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